Sergey Garmash decided to live by the sea

Сергей Гармаш решил поселиться у моря
The actor shared his fondest dream.

Сергей Гармаш решил поселиться у моря

Sergey Garmash

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Sergey Garmash suddenly publicly stated that the wife “made my life a living nightmare! For almost twenty years she has slandered me,
addressed to the Governor and other high officials with a request to pick up my
the property, although I always provided for her life… But the worst thing — she recovered against
me daughters, taking their signature that after the divorce they will live with it…”

Fortunately, these words do not belong to the personal life of Sergei (he and his wife, actress Inna Timofeeva beautiful family and two children, Daria and Ivan). Make complaints against spouse was a quote from a letter the great Russian painter. And she sounded the opening of a multimedia exhibition and performance
“I — Aivazovsky”. In this project Garmash turned into the most famous Russian seascape painter. The first person Sergei tells the life story of a boy, who will become the world
well-known artist. Interlocutor of the protagonist in the project was the actress Lyanka Grau.

The exhibition “I – Aivazovsky”

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The exhibition in the ARTPLAY design Center dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Ivan Aivazovsky. Four chapters of the exhibition tell about the childhood, creativity, travel and the women in the life of the artist. On the contrast
with measured life of the artist, the viewer will see the historical context
era: the Decembrist revolt, the Crimean and
The Russo-Turkish war, the assassination of Alexander II…

By the way, the opening of the exhibition Sergei Garmash admitted that she dreams to live by the sea, admiring the shore sunrises and sunsets — just like Aivazovsky, born in Feodosiya and held in the house by the sea for many years.