Телеканал «Домашний» покажет документальный фильм о Жанне Фриске
On the screen out of the picture in memory of striking two women.

Телеканал «Домашний» покажет документальный фильм о Жанне Фриске

Zhanna Friske

Photo: Mark Steinbock

The TV channel “Home” will show documentary films about the prophetess
Juneau and singer Jeanne Friske — two
the women who left their mark in history.

Jeanne — painting is dedicated to Jeanne Friske. Sex symbol
2000-ies, one of the brightest singers of the band “Shiny” and just man,
who truly loved life. What started her stage career as Jeanne
found long-awaited happiness and remembered what her friends — Olga Orlova,
Anna Semenovich, Vlad Lisovets, Dmitry Malikov, Ksenia Novikova.


Photo: “Home”

The second film “Djuna: the last prophecy” will talk about
the life and fate of the famous soothsayer. Her name has always been shrouded in
an aura of mystery, and among her patients were the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee
Leonid Brezhnev and U.S. President Ronald Reagan, actors Robert de Niro and Marcello
Mastroianni, film Directors Andrei Tarkovsky and Federico Fellini. The most authoritative
Soviet scientists studied it the phenomena, but was never able to answer the main question: who she is — Savior or
the charlatan? We only know one thing — this amazing woman has changed
the lives of hundreds of people. Which lines have devoted to the poet-songwriter Ilya Reznik? As
Joon warned friends away from danger and heal even the most hopeless
patients? And why she was assured that her soul has long been in heaven, — these and
other questions answered by the friends and relatives of the June.

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