Светлану Иванову и Ксению Алферову объединили дети
The actress spoke about the friendship with the famous family.

Svetlana Ivanova

Photo: Press service of the event

Svetlana Ivanov has told, how became friends with a wonderful
acting family: Ksenia Alferova, Yegor Bereavem and their daughter. It happened
thanks to his daughter Svetlana.

“We are friends, friends for our children. I’m friends even with Xasino
dog! — says Svetlana. — With Egor we met on the set. And She — through her close friend who was my teacher for speech. Egor and
Ksenia came to me in the Institute on the award show. We were worried
incredibly, because it was two big stars. But, maybe we wouldn’t
friends houses, if not for our children. First befriended our daughter, I suddenly
I recognize that my child went to visit Xenia and Egor. Daughter and I pulled

“It is an incredible Providence, — has confirmed words Ivanova, Egor Beroev. — My childhood friend Alex Dubrovsky, actor, Director, also Svetin
teacher. Therefore, Light was in a strange situation. She comes to visit us — and there are two of her teacher!”

“It’s fantastic to be suddenly with teachers in one
the company, at the same table, in such a friendly atmosphere — continues to Svetlana. — I’m all on you, and
they tell me: come on you already move on…

This family history Ivanova said on the radio marathon “Day
childhood”, which was held at Radio Romantika in the children’s Day. Popular
actors and musicians came to the radio station to support the initiative
charity Foundation “I exist!” and to attract the attention of all caring people
the topic of adaptation in society of children with mental disabilities.

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