Воробьев впервые объяснил, почему никого не выбрал

Hope the artist did not materialize on the project “the Bachelor.” Their experiences and impressions after the final Alex shared with Woman’s Day.

Only recently Alexey Vorobyov presented his new clip, which showed a perfect picture of the relationship between a man and a woman. He wanted in his life was still romantic and sincere.

“One of the happiest scenes I’ve ever filmed…” – said Alex about the filming of the clip “Happy here and today”.

Photo published -Alexey Vorobyov (@mr.alexsparrow) May 26 2016 at 2:32 PDT

To find love and to bring to life the plot of the movie, sparrows and went to the project “the Bachelor”, that’s just where luck did not smile on him. For the first time in the show’s history, eligible bachelor didn’t choose any of the finalists. The editors of Woman’s Day were able to contact the artist and to his first comment about the unexpected ending of reality shows.

“I was confirmed in the opinion that love can’t create, build or artificially grow in a relationship. We all have different way someone chooses the right a person, someone doesn’t know what he wants, and is willing to irresponsible experimentation is another type of people to which I belong. They are people who know exactly what they want, know what it looks like, and willing to take responsibility for every word and the promise”, – said Alexey.

Alex admitted that such a finale was a surprise for him, because he came to the project not just for show, and really wanted to find love. Despite the fact that girls reached the final, failed to convince “the bachelor”, because of the feelings for him are real and sincere. Alexei seemed that unlike him, the girl just came for a project for the show. However, sparrows are not disappointed in love and relationships and intends to continue the search for a single.

“Family is a huge support, and she can’t interfere career, it can only help, because in addition to goals in life will appear and those for whom you need to achieve these goals; I’m talking about my wife and kids.

I was and still am a romantic, so I have to believe that if I met a woman who was meant for me, so not yet. But it will happen. So the amount of pain experienced then it will be equivalent to the happiness I find, falling asleep and waking up hugging the woman, the one worth living”.

Until the very end the producers of the show kept me wondering, and Alexey did not confess, who of lovely ladies liked him more.

Last week, the actor admitted to the correspondent to Woman’s Day that from the beginning didn’t listen to the producers of the show, because I wanted to be myself and not wear a mask and pretend. And although Alex sometimes behaved harshly, for it was as honest with the audience and with himself.

I must say that most fans of Alex were convinced that the victory of Natalia Garaganova. It, by the way, Alex has allocated from the first seconds of communication.

“When I saw Natasha for the first time, I immediately realized that in the final will see her in a white dress. I knew it from the beginning, and I didn’t need to continue to watch and communicate with her to get confirmation of his inexplicable feelings. I said that Natasha is still on the first date. Such things cannot be explained, it remains only to lay down their arms and to obey the senses. It may seem somewhat illogical, stupid, whatever, but that’s what you felt and nothing can be done about it,” admitted Alex to Woman’s Day.

Natalia before the finals admitted that Alex feels for a sincere feelings, during the project it became her close friend. Even the groom’s parents Garaganova charmed. It seemed that the interchange is obvious. But… when Alex asked the girl to tell the truth about his feelings, she suddenly said, he does not feel love. Whether sparrows exert too much pressure, or affected by the explanation in front of the cameras, and maybe Natasha really doubted his feelings. But what happened is what happened.

For Yana Anosova the incident also came as a surprise. With Alex she met four years ago. The young people met during the festival in Khanty-Mansiysk, talked for a couple of hours and never seen him as 21-year-old actress hasn’t faced Alex in the show “the Bachelor.” Vorobyov was impressed with this turn and even asked the question: wasn’t? Yana seemed to be much easier than the other girls: she’s not shy to communicate freely with the artist. But in the final, failed – tried to melt the ice cube, which symbolized the heart of a bachelor. Sparrows and suddenly the gesture was not appreciated, dryly noting that sometimes ice needs to just leave as is and not try to change.

“It was very surprising that we met. How so? For four years I saw her photo “Vkontakte” and did not pay any attention. When I met Yana on the project, I realized that somewhere missed something. This is a very strange coincidence, and I’m never disappointed. This accident brought us both much joy, it’s hard to describe. And this is fine,” – told us Alex.

“I’m not the least those who for thirteen weeks was spying on my personal life, dreamed about a fairy tale with a happy ending… But I can’t deceive neither himself nor others. I never was the one who gives the word, the promise, and then after a few months decided that it was too soon. And if someone wanted to see something like that, then I am sincerely sorry that in this period of my life, happy endings did not work”, – said Alexey.

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