Анна Ковальчук спасла бобра
The star of the series “Secrets of investigation” did not panic in an emergency situation.

Anna Kovalchuk

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Anna Kovalchuk since my student days
is friends with actor Alexander Novikov, with whom now works at the Theater named
Of the Leningrad city Council, and together they removed all of the seasons of the series TV channel “Mysteries
the investigation”. Somehow Anna Alexander told a story from my childhood, and this
history, which so impressed him, he shared with 7days.ru:

“It was
autumn at the cottage in the Leningrad region, — says Novikov. — Little Anya,
coming back from a walk, heard the squeak that was heard from the deep, about
two meters of the pit. Looking at her, the girl saw at the bottom of the beaver, which
tried unsuccessfully to get up. Time for reflection was not, but the future
the star is not lost. Anya climbed a tree, tore off a long branch that
cost her a great effort, down to earth, and although it was pretty cool
took off my jacket and tied it to a branch so that beaver caught in
trouble, was able to climb into the hood. The plan worked, and weary beast in a minute
was already free. Unfortunately, Anya was not possible to verify that
the animal reached the river without incident, and then for a long time she was worried for him. More
in childhood he manifested a strong-willed and strong character, Ani, and these qualities, I believe
help her with the brilliance to play investigator Maria S. Shevtsov”.

Recall that the series “Secrets of investigation”
success goes to the TV channel “Russia” (VGTRK) in 2000, and now in
St. Petersburg filming the new series.

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