The tragedy in St. Petersburg metro: dreams that do not come true

Трагедия в питерском метро: мечты, которым не суждено сбыться “StarHit” found out, how was the fate of those who on April 3 was in the ill-fated car. This tragedy claimed the lives of 14 people. Each of them had big plans for the future and was sure that all conceived will come true.

      Трагедия в питерском метро: мечты, которым не суждено сбыться

      This rainy Monday in Northern capital was no different from the others. 25-year-old Denis Peter, as usual, was in a hurry to the club of martial arts Warrior Fight Club “Prospekt VETERANOV”, where the last time he worked as a trainer in unarmed combat. Called, said it would be three. But the disciples did not wait for a mentor… At 14:40 between the metro stations “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology” in the car explosion. Killed 14 people, injured more than 60. Denis stopped communicating. Friends day looking for the guy, phoning hospitals and police stations. The next day the friend had recognized his body in one of the morgues of St. Petersburg.

      In St. Petersburg’s subway bombings. PHOTO. VIDEO

      “Sports was his life – says a friend Anastasia Petrova Curious. All the time Dennis was devoted to training, loved the work of children. Dreamed that someday his students will achieve great success in the sport. To each, he found their approach was not just a mentor, but a real senior companion”.
      Трагедия в питерском метро: мечты, которым не суждено сбыться

      Friends of the deceased, in some ways they replaced his family: the Petrova mother died many years ago, dad’s relationship didn’t work out. “Denis since childhood, played sports, went to camp, I led a healthy life, – continues Anastas. – And the father drank. They had very different views on life…”

      Despite great advances in hand-to-hand fight – the guy was a master of sports, champion of Russia, – he was not going to stop there, planning to try myself in MMA. In addition, Petrov had a dream – to go to fight in a hot spot. “He was a patriot who wanted to contribute to the homeland, says another close friend of Denis Elena Rosenkova. Even sent me a photo of the ship that wanted to serve.”

      Team guy still can’t believe what happened. “He taught not just fighting, but to be able to fight back, to overcome yourself, as hard as it was, – says Artem Komissarov, who for several years was engaged at Petrov. – Was rarely strict, but always fair. Denis is the coach with whom I could just talk. We corresponded and discussed the fights, and shared experiences”.

      One of the students Petrova, Konstantin Skorkin, touching said goodbye to the mentor by leaving a note on his page in the social network: “Why did you come in this car? We will always love you and remember. Your little soldiers!”
      Трагедия в питерском метро: мечты, которым не суждено сбыться


      “I thank my mom and dad because they gave me life, gave me a beautiful name, gave me a wonderful childhood, a great youth. Thank them for what was always there that find the right words of comfort, of exhortation, which is always sincere with me. Thank you for the Love, Care, Attention! Dad, I love you and always remember. Mom, I love you and pray God for your health! Low bow to You” is the last entry on the wall who died in the terrorist attack on 27-year-old angelina Svistunova. It’s like she sensed something, said goodbye…

      The girl grew up in the suburban Orekhovo-Zuevo, where he graduated from textile College, has always been the soul of the company, performed in the vocal ensemble. Two summers ago angelina married a military man – Alexei, together with her husband moved to St. Petersburg. The husband provided for the family, and she was a housewife, at leisure, playing basketball, helping animal shelters.

      Трагедия в питерском метро: мечты, которым не суждено сбыться

      “I was attached to another family found kittens – says “StarHit” the friend of Svistunova Olga town hall. And she expressed a desire to become “mom” to one of them. We have a very strict selection of potential “handles”, but after meeting with angelina was not a moment of doubt: the ideal family for the future pet. She was a very caring, responsible, a real Keeper. And in General she had some good principles and foundations of life. That in General is not very popular, unfortunately, in our time.”

      Трагедия в питерском метро: мечты, которым не суждено сбыться

      Angelina loved to travel, planning trips in advance. “Dreaming in the future to visit Karelia, Hiking. She felt very close to the beauty of nature, – says another friend of the girls, Elena Samsonova. – Once showed me pictures of the stunning views from there, which saved from the Internet. But alas…”

      TO BE ON TOP

      Трагедия в питерском метро: мечты, которым не суждено сбыться

      In the ill-fated third subway car that fateful day injured 13 students of St. Petersburg state University of Railways. One of them, 20-year-old I Dilbara Aliyev, a native of Azerbaijan, was delivered in scientific research Institute of emergency care. I. I. Dzhanelidze in serious condition, but doctors were unable to save her life.

      “Dilya studied in the third year, faculty of Economics, dreamed of becoming a sports psychologist, told “StarHit” friend Aliyeva, Vasilisa the Saviour. Even practice in schools, working with kids. She did not love, when people quarrel or scandals, was very loving, intelligent. Never heard her say bad words to anyone or gossip, she was so pure and kind girl.”

      Aliyev, along with his parents moved to St. Petersburg in early childhood, graduated from the St. Petersburg school. She loved Peter, he loved to walk around the city and discover new places for themselves.

      “When we met last time a couple of weeks ago, I gathered together to go to St. Isaac’s Cathedral, climb to the colonnade to look at the Petersburg from a height, – has shared with “StarHit” the other her friend, Amili Aleksanova. – In the near future, no matter what, I will carry out our plan, as the person is alive, while the memory is fresh. So we Delay will make it together.”