Трагедия в Карелии: звезды скорбят по погибшим детям Monday declared a day of mourning. Saturday because of the storm on the Syamozero Rafa and Canoeing with a tour group, consisting of instructors and children, overturned. Thirteen people drowned, one missing.

    Трагедия в Карелии: звезды скорбят по погибшим детям

    Over the weekend in Karelia tragedy, which claimed the lives of 13 children. Another child went missing, the search continues. Monday has been declared in Moscow by day of mourning.

    On Saturday afternoon, the instructors and children from the camps went camping on the raft and two canoes on the lake Syamozero. The tourist group was 51 people, four of them adults. Due to the outbreak of a storm the raft nailed to one of the Islands, and canoes were on the open water. The boys are unable to cope with the management and all the vessel capsized. Not all were able to swim to shore due to cold water and strong wind. 13 children drowned.

    During the investigation of the incident revealed that the students of the camp was aware of the storm warning.

    “The children were encouraged instructors not to go in swimming, because in the camp there were rumors about the storm warning, but the instructors, despite this, insisted on exit” – said the representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin.

    Rafting with children went, Deputy Director of the camp Vadim Vinogradov and instructors Regina Ivanova, Lyudmila Vasileva and Valery Krupoderov. Most of the instructors were from 17 to 19 years, which caused outrage of the Commissioner for the rights of the child in Russia Pavel Astakhov, who felt that they are too young to look after other children. Besides, according to the MOE, the tour had to register your itinerary with the rescuers, which she did.

    Трагедия в Карелии: звезды скорбят по погибшим детям

    At the moment remaining in the camp “the Park hotel “Syamozero” let go home. Vacation spot will be closed for the investigative audit. Earlier in the Network have surfaced negative feedback from parents who sent their children there.

    What happened in Karelia caused a wide resonance in the society. Thousands of people from across the country expressed condolences to the families of the dead children. Do not stay aside and the stars of domestic show-business. Learning about the incident, many were quick to speak out in social networks. Some expressed outrage at the organization of children’s rest in Russia and the negligence of the Director of the camp, others wrote words of support to the parents of the victims.

    “A terrible grief. Forces anyone who needs to go through this” – a signature left by the actor Maxim Vitorgan under the image of the candle on a black background.

    Julia Proskuryakova could not hide his emotions. “The horror and tragedy of children in Karelia. How so, what gives? How can you send children with children (17-19 years) in such a dangerous journey in a storm? Condolences to the family and yet the negligence is astounding. Deeply sorry and hurt for the children and their moms and dads!”, – written by the wife of Igor Nikolaev. She asked the wife, who is in Greece, pray for their souls on mount Athos.

    “Tears in the eyes, and the four adults were any brains to take so many children for a walk in the storm?”, commented on the tragedy Yana Rudkovskaya.

    After learning about the incident in Karelia, Denis Klyaver canceled aired on Hit FM. “Condolences to the families and relatives of the dead children in Karelia. A horrible tragedy. There are no words,” wrote the singer in the microblog.

    My condolences in connection with tragedy expressed Svetlana Kuznetsova, leading Oskar Kuchera, Arman Davletyarov, Katya LEL, football player Igor Akinfeev, designer Igor Gulyaev, and many others.

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