Дмитрий Маликов намерен подстричься налысо The famous singer posted a photo of the Barber shop. Dmitry Malikov shared with fans plans to say goodbye to his trademark haircut. The artist did not expect such a violent reaction in response.

      Дмитрий Маликов намерен подстричься налысо

      Dmitry Malikov is one of the few singers on the Russian stage, which, it seems, never change. Performer leads a healthy lifestyle, goes in for sports, therefore it has no power over him – the appearance of the stars is admirable. Plus, unlike many representatives of the stronger sex, whose hair thins with age, Mr remains the owner of chic hair that he wears the same haircut.

      Most fans of the singer just can not imagine him with another hairstyle. Meanwhile, Malikov already seem to want some change, as to any person, for a long time faithful the same way. Once in the salon, Dmitry posted a photo in the Barber chair and asked his fans in social networks an intriguing question.

      “Maybe I should get a haircut already bald” – shared thoughts artist.
      Дмитрий Маликов намерен подстричься налысо

      It is worth noting that Maliki did not expect from fans of such a violent reaction. Many supported the desire of the beloved of the singer to change. “! But not bald. Changes very useful”, “Very brave of you, Dmitry!”, “Oh, Dim, this heat I want to shave my head,” wrote they. And yet most followers of the artist did not approve of his idea. In the comments to the photo, they begged him not to cut my hair, and leave it as it is.

      “No, not this,” “I will kill you, Dmitri, if you get a haircut”, “Hairstyle, of course, everyone wants to change, but not radically suggest,” Better stay as you are so beautiful”, “If you have decided to kill all his fans, then do it with the good – will announce some contest, for example, if you collect for charity some money, you will cut their hair bald,” wrote Malikov fans.

      Vladimir Presnyakov copies the style of the son

      It is interesting that a radical change of image has already affected some Russian artists, who exchanged fifth decade. So, long-haired Leonid Agutin was a celebration on the occasion of its 43rd anniversary with a short haircut that has delighted his friends and admirers. Since then, he no longer grows hair, and is in a new, more brutal way. By the way, three years later, in 2014 example Agutin followed his best friend Vladimir Presnyakov, who also wore shoulder-length hair.

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