Объявлены победительницы конкурса «На выпускной с Егором Кридом» From thousands of letters received “StarHit”, the musician chose the brightest. Very soon the finalists will get long-awaited gifts, and the main winner will go to prom with idol.

    Объявлены победительницы конкурса «На выпускной с Егором Кридом»

    Over one and a half months to the editor “StarHit” we have received applications and letters from contestants “On the exhaust with Yegor Creed”. Schoolgirls from different parts of the country wrote why they should go to the inlet ball in the company of idol and how it’s important for them to have this dream come true.

    Egor was very difficult, because of the thousands of letters we had to choose only three. And only one girl he’d come to the prom.

    We announce the names of the two finalists. Congratulations Diana Abugova from Moscow, which receives the certificate on purchase of dresses from the brand To be bride, as well as free make-up and styling from the Studio style Vanity. For her, wrote a letter to mother. The woman said that her daughter almost never rests – she is intensively preparing for University admission. Mother of the graduate wanted to school was memorable in her life.

    Объявлены победительницы конкурса «На выпускной с Егором Кридом»

    Also among the finalists of the contest “On the exhaust with Yegor Creed” was and Catherine Fursova of Vladimir region ( the village of Bavleny). The girl wrote a letter to Greg Creed, in the hope that they will be able to hold was, which fell this year on her birthday, in the company of a favorite artist. Her “StarHit” gives a certificate to purchase a dress from the brand To be bride.

    We congratulate the finalists and wish them to hold the exhaust on top. However, the name of the main winners of the contest remains a secret. For a girl who will fall the happy opportunity to spend a memorable evening with a favorite of millions, the arrival of Egor will be a big surprise. One thing is for sure: this meeting will be unforgettable. A report from ball winner who won the Grand prize, look at one of the nearest numbers “StarHit”.

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