Anton Yelchin was suffering from depression

Антон Ельчин страдал от депрессии Numerologist told that could cause the death of the actor. Clara Kuzenbaeva calculated that at the end of March Anton Elchina had to be especially careful, as his life began the year of the energy decline.

      Антон Ельчин страдал от депрессии

      Weekend show-business was shocked with the news of the tragic death of Hollywood actor of Russian origin Anton Elchina. A native of St. Petersburg, died under the wheels of their own cars in San-Fernando – his body was found sandwiched between the car and gate. The cause of death of 27-year-old star of the film “star trek”, “Star trek” and “Like crazy” is negligence. If the actor put the car on the hand brake, he would be still alive.

      From Leningrad to Hollywood: a colorful life and mysterious death of Anton Elchine

      Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva said “StarHit”, which led to the death of a young talented actor.

      “Life code Anton – 325303 says that he was born on the day of progressive intuition. He had enormous analytical abilities and saw through people. Four threes in its code suggests that it was unimaginably talented person, not to notice the charisma which was simply not a calculated numerologist.

      Clara also noted that everyone was paying attention to his charisma and imbued him with sympathy, but Anton had some peculiarities of character. Anton Yelchin interview during a recent visit to the homeland

      “But because of the weak energy Yelchin was a depressed person who doesn’t just let people into my life. He was prone to mood swings, he was constantly haunted by fears and doubts in the future. He was attracted by older people, because high intelligence Anton was bored with my peers. His achievements in life is easy to explain the implementation line of the actor is very high,” said Kuzenbaeva.

      However, the cause of death numerologist see that Yelchin, apparently, became inattentive.

      “On March 24 in the life of Anton, the year of the energy decline. Such periods are very dangerous for people who are already prone to mood swings. As a rule, because of the decline they begin to lose vigilance, become scattered and inattentive. Besides, June 19, died when Anton was already for him on the basis of numerological calculations, a day of karmic triangle – the day when accidents happen, theft and other misfortunes. Every person these days, usually in year three to six. In such days need to be especially careful to think through every step. But Anton, unfortunately, acted rashly, and his carelessness cost him his life. I’m sure it was an accident – the option of violent death I rule,” concluded Clara.

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