Мама Тимати поведала о непростом характере внучки
Three-year old daughter of a popular rapper and businessman Timothy and his ex-lover Alena Shishkova practically spends all his time with his grandmother, mother and artist, Simona Yunusova.

Мама Тимати поведала о непростом характере внучки

Simon is pleased to share the successes granddaughter, posting pictures of her. The other day she admitted that Alice is growing very stubborn and capricious girl that often it can be difficult to negotiate.

Мама Тимати поведала о непростом характере внучки

“The pictures on Instagram you might think that in our life everything is smooth and beautiful, but it’s not. We, like everyone happen to whims, tantrums, tears, stubbornness, everything that promotes the growth and development of personality. I’m worried it’s hard, but try to be strong and not to go on about their own emotions. If you say”no”, then keep the word.

Last night Alice had messed with Daddy. She lucidly explained everything and offered to apologize, Alice said, I would think. The character of our girls are tough, strong and to confess guilt is always very difficult. She chose to pretend that nothing happened. We came into the store for the promised bracelets and… she didn’t…” – says Simon.

Many netizens accused the parents that they daughter not paying enough attention, putting all the responsibility for her upbringing on the shoulders of the grandmother.

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