Ален Делон готов к смерти
The famous French actor Alain Delon rarely speaks to reporters, but in honor of the 60th anniversary of his acting career gave a Frank interview.

Ален Делон готов к смерти

During the conversation with journalists, the 82-year-old actor spoke about the fact that he does not understand the modern world, and are already mentally prepared for death. In his opinion, for people now, the focus is only money.

Ален Делон готов к смерти

“In today’s world everything is real because everything depends on money. I’d seen it all, lived through it. But the main thing is that I hate this time, I’m sick of it. All fake, all the senses are affronted, in the world there is no respect, no ability to keep his word, only money is important, round the clock only hear about the crime,” — said Delon.

Despite the fact that all these years, Allen enjoyed great popularity among the fair sex, he had not yet met the one that would be willing to live the rest of your life.

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