Мама Тимати испытывает неловкость за ребенка Star Granny Simone Y. Yunusova teaches granddaughter Alice to apologize, answering awkward questions and engaged in its education. While the mother, Timothy has a great relationship with former lover’s son. How does she do it – she explains herself. Instagram.

Timothy and his mother, the only daughter of model Alena Shishkova no longer a couple. They broke up a year after the birth of a child. Alice Timurovna this spring will be four years. Girl, judging by the photos on social networks, spends equal time with father and mother, but even more with her grandmother, Timothy’s mom – Simona Yunusova.

Simon Yakovlevna loves her granddaughter. She publishes her photos and videos on Instagram almost every day, and even more often. She shares her success and talks about education of the heiress. Grandma Simon is absolutely honest and straightforward, so quickly gained popularity in the Network. Now she has about three million subscribers. What is so writes Timothy’s mom? “StarHit” gathered a few tips from the star grandmothers in the upbringing and education of children.


“I’ve always been most curious thing is to “dissect” their feelings and to track responses. Honestly, I get nervous when a child breaks the rules, it’s embarrassing, but it often turns out that this is only my troubles! Alice masterfully probes the boundaries, and seem fine with it without my morals…”.

On the whims of

“We, like everyone else, happen to whims, tantrums, tears, stubbornness – in General, everything that contributes to the growth and development of personality — I feel it’s hard, but try to be strong and not to go on about their own emotions. Last night Alice had messed with daddy. She lucidly explained everything and offered to apologize. If you say “no” to keep the word.”.

About bans

“Only us adults depends on what is attached to their heads! In my opinion, bans only stimulate desires… When the sons pierce their eyebrow, ears and tongues, I was very worried, but never said “no”, knowing that it was “growing pains” and the first searches its image. I helped them to care for the wounds, but did not stop to explain how it is harmful. Apparently, in my Arsenal there were the right words and arguments – the guys themselves got rid of the piercing, but it was their decision.”

About child development

“I wish Alice was Ambidextrous, that is, a person who is equally fluent in both hands (not to be confused with congenital ambidextral that bad). You can learn it, if you develop synchronous operation of the brain. To the question “why?” – answer: simple cognitive processes will flow easier and more successful. It is important not only to rape and play!”

How to survive a divorce

“Guys, try to negotiate with their pain and to think about feelings, but not only his… to Destroy the relationship by indulging in your ego, easier. Try to understand that man is born to live happily! But loneliness is the destiny of the elect.”

About the friendship of former

“This is the theme of an adult… is very important For me that my children maintain friendships. They strongly support each other in creative and human relations. And all this not for show, but sincerely. Alice is still small, but I’m sure she will be proud of their parents!..”

About the main

“In my rather closed world today, there are a very limited number of people whose development worries me… so I would really like to teach Alice to Express a private and not public opinion. To teach her to draw conclusions based on their own, not other people’s thoughts. And most importantly – do not be afraid to be objectionable to someone, to not be militant and smart.”