Сборная России по хоккею впервые за 26 лет одержала победу на Олимпиаде The winning goal was scored Cyril Whims. Russian athletes won the highest award of the Olympic games in the discipline since 2002, and in recent times became Champions in the distant 1992.

The last day of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang began for Russia with great joy. National team hockey for the first time in 26 years, won gold medals. In the final the team fought with the Germans and with great difficulty were able to win.

The Russian team was considered the favorite in this match, and the superiority she showed in the first period. Vyacheslav Voynov scored a beautiful goal, but at 30 minutes, the Germans managed to equalise. The author of the following two goals was Nikita Gusev.

However, in the finals of the national team of Russia on hockey barely missed the gold medal. Three minutes before the end of the match Jonas Muller put the Germans ahead. Only 50 seconds before the end of the period the score was level and put the match into overtime.

The last time the national Team of Russia on hockey has won the Olympic gold medal in 1992. Then the competition took place a few weeks after the collapse of the USSR. That is why in the French Albertville were the combined team of the CIS, which eventually became the champion.

During the presentation of gold medals in Pyeongchang players of team Russia and Germany could not hold back the tears. The victory was a great gift for all sport fans, who were concerned about local athletes over the last few weeks.

The result of the match has caused a storm of joyful emotions not only the fans, but the stars, who with a sinking heart watched the match on television.

One of the first who congratulated the team was Sergey Lazarev. He posted in Instagram post dedicated to the historic match.

“Know our! Well done! Hockey ! Gold! Now you can close the Olympics,” wrote the singer.

Russian players rushed to congratulate and Evgeni Plushenko. Skater thanked the athletes for their victory, which was so necessary for the country.

“Guys, thank you! Our Heroes! Olympic Champions! The best,” wrote Eugene on Instagram.

Plushenko’s wife Yana Rudkovskaya also watched the tense match. The producer said that the victory of the players was absolutely true, because our athletes from the very beginning were considered the main contenders for the gold medal.

“I am proud of our Champions! Nikita Gusev was the best scorer of the Olympic Games! Unreal morning! Was sick the whole country and our hockey team Olympic Champions!We were deprived of our leaders, our flag, but our guys showed the will and character,” wrote Rudkovskaya.

To congratulate the athletes hurried and Askold Zapashny. The man watched the match from the TV screen and in the final could not hold joyful emotions. He noted that the Russian fans have spent a lot of nerves, worrying about the national team, but this support has become one of the major components of the long-awaited victory.

“The best gift in the morning – the victory of Russian national team on hockey at the Olympic games in Korea! Spent much of the nerves in the experiences for our boys, but most importantly, that not in vain. Example to follow – to fight to the end! Congrats guys and the whole country. There is happiness,” wrote Askold.

Maxim Galkin noted that it was one of the most tense matches he had ever seen. In the opinion of the humorist, the players fought well and quite rightly became Champions.

But Mikhail Turetsky and his team supported players from Russia are not only words, but song. A few hours before the historic match, the musicians performed on the stage of the Kremlin with a composition dedicated to the winners Pyeongchang.

“Flawless Victory! Yesterday, from the stage of the Kremlin along with a 6,500-strong audience was sending thoughts of glory into Space, and today our players for the first time in 26 years that became Olympic Champions! Proud of you and congratulations,” wrote Michael on Instagram.

Soon after the match, coach Oleg V. Znarok said that he called the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The head of state thanked the players for their efforts and noted that the victory was a huge achievement for the whole country.