Десятый юбилейный сезон проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом» завершен The editorial Board congratulates members: together they have lost 71 pounds! I can’t believe three months are already over! This part was special. For the first time, contestants were divided into teams, the captains of which became a guru of fitness Arina Skoromnaya and Ekaterina Krasavina. In the final, the editors determined the winner, considering the percentage of dropped weight.

    Десятый юбилейный сезон проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом» завершен

    First place went to the team Fast, which threw 34 kg, and 64% of the declared common goal of 53 pounds. Congratulations to TV presenter Maria Kravtsova, the reader Valery Shapovalov of Moscow and Gubin blogger Julia from Perm, as well as their mentor Arina Skoromnaya. All four receive the Grand prize: a trip for two to the hotel Shahdag Hotel & SPA in the tourist center “Shahdag” in Azerbaijan.

    The girls from the team Krasavina also tried, but stopped short. Their total weight loss was 37 kg is for 60.6% of the desired 61 kg Lead program “10 years younger” on “the First channel” Kate Gershuni, the reader Irina Ivanyuk from Moscow and blogger Sonia Davudova from Nizhny Novgorod, we, too, congratulations! Their main victories still ahead, the more start.

    Before the New year both teams last battled, but this time in the fight in the kitchen. Participants living in Moscow, met at culinary Studio Clever and prepared a light salad. And I’m leading the project Olga Rodina, to determine whose dish is better. Each team was given the same set of products. According to our idea was to get a festive salad with pineapple and shrimp with yogurt sauce, but to reveal his name, we did not, leaving room for imagination.

    I liked the dish that made the team Arina Skoromnaya. But the team of Ekaterina Krasavina conjured a work that is more similar to the original, and therefore won. Sonia Davudova and Julia Gubina supported the allies in the distance. After cooking, the contestants had dinner together and discussed the successes and difficulties.

    Десятый юбилейный сезон проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом» завершен

    Girls, congratulations to all! The main thing now – not to stop and to fix the result.

    Kate Gershuni: I want to thank “StarHit”. Without you I could not have done. Lost weight though not 9 pounds as planned, but 5! But for me is an achievement. At the end of the project it was very hard. Took many pictures, slept for two hours.

    Irina Ivanyuk: Katyusha, I remember seeing you in the Center of Dr. Gavrilova. You went with procedure, electrical myostimulation and looked so sad and detached, like he didn’t understand where you are.

    Kate Gershuni: Because I was sick. Banned foods that cause food intolerance and swelling.

    Lera Shapovalova: you Girls have the whole team was on a diet, elimination, I think. Why her?

    Kate Gershuni: At the reception of Mikhail Gavrilov looked at me and said, “since we have so little time means elimination. Diet excludes dairy and gluten free products. Ira, at you too so was? Do you even hero, threw a 22 kg!

    Десятый юбилейный сезон проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом» завершенIrina Ivanyuk: I can’t believe. Before you put on the system in the Center of Dr. Gavrilov I have tested and determined the type of food addiction: I am a person who sees food and eats. People kept asking me: “Ira, you must be starving?” No. I always eat just the right food. However, dreaming of fried fish, but I can only a couple.
    Десятый юбилейный сезон проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом» завершен

    Lera Shapovalova: And I was allowed any. Arina Skoromnaya and nutritionist from the clinic “Lanthanum” on Barclay street Natalia Afanaseva picked me negate and delicious menu. But I faced the problem of graphics. Had to eat every 2-3 hours. Strained.

    Maria Kravtsova: Leroy, I understand you, too distracting from the regime. Could dine only at seven in the evening, and then more tea with desertikom to drink.

    Katia Krasavina: Girls, everything is possible, but only a little. When I have no competition fitness bikini, I imagine anything not refuse. We are a couple with a daughter Vasilisa bake. She comes home from gymnastics and she asks.

    Irina Ivanyuk: And I Ulasku gave to capoeira – the Brazilian martial art. And she loves them. I have, alas, such a love of sport there.

    Arina Skoromnaya: There is an important discipline. But still 90% of success is nutrition. Julia Gubinoy from Perm was impaired metabolism due to dieting. With the right diet we “rocked” her metabolism. A ALEX FITNESS in the Millennium has accelerated the weight loss.

    Десятый юбилейный сезон проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом» завершен

    – My husband and daughter Julia strongly supported – ate the same.

    Maria Kravtsova: But my husband is not in agreement with me. Once we had guests. Danny bought a truffle cake, and I put him in for the night.

    Lera Shapovalova: Girls, and when my husband arrived from a business trip, at home everywhere was grub. The mood immediately dropped, weight fell.
    Десятый юбилейный сезон проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом» завершен

    – Lera, you’re right. The mood of much depends. Out Sonia Davudova, a blogger from Nizhny Novgorod, was involved in the trouble, worry, and also the weight got up.

    Katia Krasavina: Sonia – well, that immediately turned for help to a psychologist. In life anything can happen, but that’s no reason to overeat.

    Kate Gershuni: anyway we are All done! Each has its own victory. Girls, as a stylist will say the extra weight adds age. And we not only got rid of it, but also gained invaluable knowledge from all experts of the project “grow thin with “StarHit” and our captains. Slim figure – best gift for New year.

    The editors thank for the help in organization of shooting culinary Studio Clever and style Studio @vanity_artekovskaya and @vanity_june

    Десятый юбилейный сезон проекта «Худеем со «СтарХитом» завершен