Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос» The presenter told us about dealing with stress and disputes with her husband. Ekaterina Andreeva told about how she managed to escape in the most dangerous moments of their travels and explained why they started a microblog and how to use the gift of foreseeing the future.

      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»

      In corridors “Ostankino”, where the undisputed face of the program “Time” on “the First channel” set up the meeting was easy to get lost. “Do you know how to get to the Directorate of information programs?” While you run to the foyer from one of a handful of random people to another, notice that the floor above me someone is watching. “Don’t tell me…” And this is Catherine herself came to meet. Just like on TV, only smiles. Then becoming serious, then laughing excitedly, Andreeva told how he escaped from the hormonal elephant, why has the morning on the head and why is it always wins in a casino.

      The husband shouted: “Get out!”

      Catherine, you literally blew up “Instagram” his appearance. Though long restrained and suddenly burst! How did the idea to go to an open Internet?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Wasn’t going to, despite the fact that it is fashionable, interesting, and friend said “have to.” But I knew: to lead the “Instagram” efficiently, you need a lot of time. Here it was pathetic. At some point, I decided to at least see what it is. And was surprised to find – it turns out that under my name there are accounts-doubles with hundreds of photos. But it’s okay. There were such banal labels that just isn’t me. And people may think that I’m real. The last straw was condolences to the widow of Yevgeny Primakov – I respected the man knew his grandson worked here, on behalf of such “fake”. I thought so, under my name, you can do whatever you want? And then don’t understand why your friend or colleague doesn’t say Hello or looking askance. I decided to create a “test” account to see… About a month existed under the name “Churchill77”. Churchill is one of my favorite Prime Ministers. Of course, the first time made mistakes – doing too much media. Start one by one to upload photos from Africa… the Twins eliminated as soon as I opened the name. Meantime, it was under a pseudonym, even managed to earn some money. Since I have a lot of unique videos related to journeys – the hunt Hippo on us, first out “in the light” little cubs – I started to make a major online publication with a request to provide them with video. We had agreed. Travel to me is always something going on – hence the interesting stories.—
      This happened, that happened a dangerous situation in travelling?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Three times! First – when we have pursued a hormonal elephant. Once a year they have a failure occurs. They become dangerous, they begin to fear even the members of the herd, although at other times it is peaceful animals. Elephants in ordinary life, never fight to the death. But if a hormonal elephant meet normal, their fight could end in murder. Saved we then fleeing by car. Don’t know what happened, if not for the skill of our Ranger. The second case occurred about Angola in a balloon. Suddenly the wind picked up, the tornado. We had a very professional captain ball, but even he failed to cope. No one died, but there was a hard landing, the ball turned, began to drag on the ground the basket. That’s funny, I not only met the safety requirements, but also the camera included. The main thing – to remove! Then it turned out that intuitively chose the cabin the least traumatic. The third extreme case was with snakes – Indian in Jaipur. On the square near the Palace of the Raja sat fakirs. We watched as they conjure snakes, and I said to my husband: “Give the money – to pay for the show.” Sideways fit, pull to the basket. And then fakir me in Hindi: “Sit down.” Understand that you can’t resist. Sit down. In a second poisonous Cobra, I just watched it, was in my hands. My daughter, flesh is called, sees that and says, “I want that!” Throws, grabs the snake by the tail. The fakir is happy to touch the European is considered good fortune. Husband in hysterics shouts: “Go from there”. I said, “Shoot faster!” In General, the shots turned out.
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»
      What do you always travel?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Phone, camera, protection that is needed in this country. If you go to Africa, it is advisable to take something for malaria. I take the tablets, and drug that makes my English homeopath – called indica atista. He noted that in India, despite the fact that there are malarial places, people do not suffer like in Africa. Because chewing on the bark of the tree indica atista is a type of acacia. In India we take something gastric. Although, if you do not drink the water there, including from opened bottles, not eating fruits and ice cream, no problems. They are not dirty water, just it is kind of amoebas, which with our European stomachs are not compatible. Hence the poisoning. Always carry sunglasses, hat, if Safari is something special clothes for it. —
      How many countries have visited – keep records?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Oh, very much! My birthday was once presented with a cake in the shape of globe with flags. It is easier to say where I was – in Latin America, New Zealand and Australia. And, of course, do not go to countries where military conflicts. —
      What bring home? Surely the whole house in the stuff!
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»In the Namib desert is the himba tribe. Nomads who live in tents of clay and make beautiful jewellery. From Africa carry them, or anything made of wood. My husband is against trinkets. From India – cashmere throws, it’s a different price. In Bhutan I had to buy the phallus, they is must have – a symbol of fertility, good luck, love. And Burma the stunning stones. It is possible to buy the spinel is redrobin. About a necklace that was worth it from the market $ 300 and the without – 500, I think, they say, is something different there.—
      In Instagram all know the real you. What other traits are you hiding? You may be vulnerable?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Oh, no. I have nerves like ropes. Stretch. Don’t even know what to do to hurt me. Only pay attention to the people that appreciate, love. Hacks, periodically slushie me shit, you can relax – all is going nowhere, through me as if through water. With three years there was an attitude to the world. Mother worried: “you, the neighbors will say…” And I replied, “so what? This is my life!” Tip: do not pay attention to those you haven’t even seen and don’t know. Evil promises ricochet on my defense, go back, and energy, together with them sent, remains – and I feel good. Read the book “Transerfing reality”, if anyone knows how to build contact with the world.—
      Without the “Instagram” you’ve done. And no apps in the phone can’t do?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Calendar, navigation, weather, calculator, Parking, WhatsApp, notes, music, YouTube, but rarely use them, plus the app to put the crown on his head, iMovie is for making movies, Skype, email – well, everything.
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»
      You look at yourself on TV?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Now I don’t. Before – Yes, checked the intonation, appearance. That was Ivan Urgant, but haven’t seen the transfer. But look – not for himself, but because of Vanya, whom I love dearly. TV at my house is, even three: the kitchen, the living room and bedroom husband. If I include them, it is Animal Planet, National Geographic or documentary film. TV shows rarely watch – if your friends recommend. And when I’m comfortable, not when they go. Favorite “Sherlock” with Cumberbatch, “the Sniffer”. I like intelligent, not about the life of a girl from the provinces who came to conquer the world and looking for tycoon.

      “I tank with armor”

      Which starts your day and how it is built?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Before awakening, there is a very high quality exercise called “fish” – a shaking of the whole body. Then tap and Pat on the hand and head, rubbing the ears. It is already tai Chi Chuan. Then – special breathing exercises. It helps to stimulate the blood vessels of the brain. On an empty stomach – a big glass of water with lemon or without. If you train this day, Breakfast after class or an hour before. Today we got up at 7:30, tried to call the trainer to cancel the meeting: he knows it never picks up the phone. So I had to go. First aired in the hour before the briefing and some free time. With three start preparing the program for five regions. Many also think that I come to work at nine in the evening. In the evening do something meditative yoga or tai Chi in the morning can be something of a power – Boxing or Pilates.
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»
      Probably had long been nervous in front of cameras?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Somehow we have come to the researchers, the sensors were attached. It turned out that the leading to go live the same state, like an astronaut before flight. The profession refers to harmful. Though I have many years dealing with that, I still worry. After all, you are in contact with millions of people, but they are not: only the screen, camera and operators. And should be natural. It’s not easy. Plus different emergencies. For example, the live broadcast will take and you will break the technique down. And one time I forgot to attach the microphone, but it was a day when the blew up the twin towers. 8 hours in the air without a break! Thought, the brain will reveal. As was the case, terrorists have been mixed up with the tractor, said a village was attacked by a gang of tractor. The Director laughs: “Kate, is that we have for growers so active?”—
      As far as I know, you have the ability to see the future. Make predictions?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»This, of course, an exaggeration. I’m more of a system-inductive analyst – when moving from the particular to the General. Sometimes feel like the event hasn’t happened yet, but its harbingers. For many, the victory trump on the election in America was unexpected, but not for me. Put money in political betting – and won.—
      You could make a fortune with your talents!
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»I don’t gamble. Could play in a casino, but that’s all I got unfairly dangerous. Instead, you can pick up that don’t want to give. Somehow I ran into on the road with an expensive foreign car. The husband was on a business trip – there was nowhere to just take the money. A friend borrowed the required amount. Here I was just invited to a birthday at the casino. And one known woman offered to play. I set the condition: your bet play I, the result in half. Once won the amount needed to pay another, decided to stay. But my partner got a taste, persuaded – do it again! —
      Do you have any thoughts to change jobs?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»And to me my like. There are always new, exciting, fast. The husband says, “You work at high speeds like a Ferrari!” If the movement subsides, get distracted – you can forget the umbrella, keys, wallet somewhere. Too much drive. —
      In the frame you always strict, and for their what?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»When I look at Dmitry Nagieva, I do not think that in life it pours dark humor. Many think that I get up from the chair in the Studio and the same going home. All I want to say: read the book one of the shaman don Miguel Ruiz, there are four rules of life. One of them – never speculate. For close I’m warm and safe.
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»
      Ever think about what to do after a career of TV presenter?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Why? No. I always solve problems as they arrive. —
      How to cope with stress – work still nervous?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Proper nutrition, exercise, understanding that depression is a terrible sin. I’m really aware of that. In the most important book in the world – the Bible – everything is there. Read It all people gave. You need to be able to set the causal relationships between events, and all will be well.—
      Not just writing that you are fired, you leave. The darn things?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»This is some kind of order when you want to destabilize, unsettle. All began to call: “Oh, Katya, what happened?” I want to convey to those who worked on this, that I absolutely on the drum. I have a job, I do. If there is no tomorrow, do something else. And no tragedy. Do not respond to such things – in this case, I tank with armor. —
      And how do you relax?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Sport holiday for me. I always leave the training happy. Play chess sometimes with my dad. Go to exhibitions, I was recently in Petersburg for the opening of the exhibition with a friend and at the Mariinsky theater the Barber of Seville. On arrival went to the “Black Russian” – the friends invited. After a day on the “Day of the Oprichnik” in “Lenkom”, then on the evening of flamenco, came the Spaniards, who dance so that they lose the idea of where you are! Sex on stage. And while no one is naked and not curses. When on vacation, do Spa treatments in Moscow, I not up to them. But for face care regularly, go to masks, currents, plasmolifting.—
      You have so much knowledge about nutrition, sports… was thinking to write a book?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»My publisher regularly says, “let’s have something to release!” But I have an opinion on this subject: can not write – do not write! Dostoevsky was Tolstoy, Bulgakov… But Katia Andreeva hard to imagine in this role.—
      You are more than 15 years with her husband. It is for you the perfect man?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Of course he has flaws, but they did not mesh. We’re not fighting, even arguing in a civilized manner without getting personal, insults, shouting. I respect him, and therefore the wife always listen. Someone give birth to quarrels, scandals. We have not – we are like-minded and credible couple. Though different in character. Dusan – follower order, and I’m a mess. Start throwing things, he’s moving quietly. As little Raccoon likes to wash, to rinse. We are the same – apparently, he lacks the destabilization that I make. And if Dusan doesn’t like something, he says, “Kitty, please forgive me, but I want you to understand…” And then comes the list of claims. Main words – “forgive me…” After them different things.
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»
      How do you like to spend time?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»Was recently in a Japanese restaurant, which was opened by the husband of Natasha Goldenberg. Loved it. Later in the movie. Still go to the theater. —
      Husband is also a supporter of proper nutrition?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»He tries, but not like my daughter. We’re right adherents, and he is the weak link. Going home we usually order ready – use the services of a good catering companies. But Dusan and he loves to go shopping – so relieves stress: chooses something, rummaging, at home lays out. —
      You have a romantic spouse?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»He told me once long ago said, “If you want something or need – tell it like it is. And I’ll do it.” So we have got so far. And I’m rather romantic. —
      As people of faith are you married?
      Екатерина Андреева: «В нашей семье муж чистюля, а я - хаос»First, just got married. We could not paint, my husband is a foreigner, born in Yugoslavia. People from the Registrar’s office, apparently worried about me and demanded that dušan paper that he is not married. The passport is not, as we do, dies. He, poor man, run with these inquiries. The year did, then there was the wrong letter – altered. A few years later we were married in the temple.—
      Is there some secret to a long and happy life together?
      It’s kind of a coincidence that happened in heaven. Happiness. Every day you Wake up with someone beside you and understand that you are not tired. And what do you want to see him, to feel his skin, to inhale his scent, to hear his voice… we Have a rule: 12 hours necessarily to each other to call, to know how things work. We are constantly in touch by phone or by Skype if overseas. This is really a gift of fate, which is not up to me. Apparently, somehow I deserved it.