Nelly Ermolaeva preparing for the role of mother

Нелли Ермолаева готовится к роли мамы TV presenter does not hide that longed for child. Nelly Ermolaeva admitted that experiencing emotions and communicating with his godmother half-year-old daughter Dasha. The star feels he’s Mature enough to become a mother.

      One of the most striking ex-participants of the project “Dom-2”, TV presenter and fashion designer Nelli Ermolaeva, last summer married a loved one, Kirill Andreev vengeance demonstrates its readiness to become a mother.

      While Nelly is applied to the most responsible and important role in every woman’s life. Thinking about the upcoming motherhood, Ermolaeva fulfills communication skills with infants on other people’s children.

      In these days of Christmas the media personality with her husband is staying with his friends in Samara, the home of Nellie. Summer a friend Ermolaeva has been entrusted an honorable mission, and invited to be godmother of her daughter Dasha. The little girl recently turned seven months, and Nellie with great pleasure of Babysitting a precious little girl, pricked her chubby cheeks and soft pink heels. In recognition of the stars, while chatting with crumbs, cover the very tender feelings, and she understands that time is ripe in order to get their kids.

      “The most favorite girl in the world. I never thought that I could have such feelings. Dacula – goddaughter. I’m ready,” commented the picture, which she gently kisses the baby on top, Nelly Ermolaeva.

      Subscribers Nellie was touched frame and wished his darling soon to experience the joy of motherhood. “Nellie, you’re a great mom! God bless you”, “Nellie, give birth to your Princess! It is happiness,” “And when you see her, that’s a completely different feeling, it’s beyond words. When touching your baby, inside of you such boundless love,” “Nelly, you, happiness and health to you and baby!”, “Nalichka, you’re so beautiful, God bless you beautiful babies, good luck to you”, – such comments leave fans of Nelly Ermolaeva in her microblog.

      By the way, that she and her husband dream of a child, Nelly Ermolaeva started talking from the very first days of her marriage. And wants pair not just one child, Nellie will be happy if she born twins. Nelly Ermolaeva: “I Hope to give birth to twins!”

      “Usually girls dream of daughters, but I so want a son, confessed Ermolaeva in an interview with “StarHit”. And Cyril, too. Actually, ideally, I’d like twins. Kiril found that he had, and in my family were born twins. We thought – and may well coincide, and we will have twins? And if you are born a boy and a girl – it would be wonderful.”