Сын Стаса Пьехи взял с него особое обещание In the microblog the contractor spaced the photo with the heir and said that will be no more to be parted from him. He said he plans to be with the child all free time. According to the artist, the most important thing is that little Peter is healthy and close.

      Stas Peha has published a touching photo with her son, which found a broad response among users of the Network. The actor was accompanied by a picture comment in which he expressed the hope that will see the child much more often. It is important that the boy felt the presence of the father.

      Stas Peha remembered about her feelings for ex-wife

      I must say that one of the causes of divorce with his wife EHA called the misunderstandings that arose between them. He basically would sit for long periods of time for music projects and later returned home, which could not affect the happiness of the lovers. Realizing that he was not willing to devote the family of all the free time, EHA decided to leave the mother and her child.

      I must say that now on the page in the social network Stas Peha has stated that it will not be separated from the son. Obviously, the artist herself unpleasant situation that prompted him to part with the child. He can’t decide that for him is a priority. A celebrity once said that married with full confidence in their own abilities. But after some time, disappointed in marriage, and himself as the head of the family.

      “We then consulted and decided that “not yet”. And it’s the right decision. Agreed that no one will be hurt, you can’t and we have no time. We have so many plans. Ill just rude. You all wish not to say goodbye and be healthy!” – wrote in the microblog artist.

      Since the divorce Gorchakova EHA and it did not take much time. The artist is not going to abandon their paternal responsibilities. Members are grateful to the Stas for the fact that he occasionally, but still shares with them the family shots. Most followers said that the heir of a singer like him. Some began to argue about whether the will of Peter in the footsteps of the Pope or do something else.