40-летняя звезда фильма «Эффект бабочки» Эми Смарт впервые стала мамой

The star of the film “Highway 60” and “the butterfly Effect” 40-year-old Amy Smart first became a mother.

The actress and her husband, TV presenter and model oosterhouse Carter – a daughter, whom they called a beautiful name flora.

About the birth of our daughter Amy said in Instagram, where he noted that the best way to meet a 2017 first year she could come up with is: “With joy and gratitude welcome to this world our little daughter Flora. What a happy way to meet 2017! Thank God for this new life!”

It is worth saying that pregnant Smart were not seen, therefore it can be assumed that the baby was born through a surrogate mother.

Recall, Amy and Carter met in November 2010, and 21 April 2011, the couple announced their engagement. The wedding took place September 10, 2011 in the town of Travers city, Michigan. Before meeting with Carter Amy for 15 years was Dating actor Brandon Williams.