Шведский принц Карл Филип едва не убил своего соперника
The victim is happy that miraculously survived.

Prince Carl Philip

Photo: kungahuset.se

The Swedish Prince Carl Philip, the brother of the heir to the throne — Princess
Victoria and Princess Madeleine—
desperate for peace. For the sake of victory he is ready for anything, and his passionate desire to win
at any cost, almost cost the life of one of his rivals on
recent competitions.

At the races held in Falkenberg, 260 miles from
Stockholm, Carl Philip almost “ruined” one of your rivals. On the steep
turning the Prince, gaining maximum speed, literally threw the body of his
auto track car one of the competitors —
Mattias Andersson. Fortunately, the rider that crashed in
the actions of the Prince, was seriously injured. However, at the end
the competition, Carl Philip felt obliged to apologize to Matthias. Prince
justified by the fact that allegedly briefly lost control of his car. The
offensive to Carl Philip in this story is that in the end, he still did not
the winner. Worse, he has come to finish one of the last. But last
in the summer he managed to become Falkenberg, champion…

Passion Prince dangerous sport in his family
approve not all. So, neither the Queen Silvia, the mother of Carl Philip or Sofia is his wife and mother of 3
month old son Alexander, don’t like it. “My mom for me
a little worried!” — carelessly said something like Prince. But, according to Karl Philip,
it does have a serious excuse: he inherited his passion for speed from
father king Carl XVI Gustaf.
The monarch also loved racing when I was younger. He and his son, participated in competitions and
was considered a good athlete.

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