Сергей Никоненко отмечает топазовую свадьбу
On the anniversary of the wedding of the actor climb the mountain AI-Petri.

Sergey Nikonenko with his wife Catherine

Photo: Andrew Airstream

Date of marriage of the actor and Director Sergey
Nikonenko with actress Ekaterina Voronina — 12 Jul 1972 — coincided with the French
holiday, Bastille. “And now I jokingly refer to this day — the day of the capture
The Katya — said Sergey Petrovich 7days.ru. — Of course, we celebrate the
anniversary of our family events. We with Catherine now spend the holidays in
Crimea, climb the mountain AI-Petri, there is a cozy cafe, where they will celebrate 44
years since our wedding.”

We will remind that Sergey Nikonenko graduated from VGIK in 1964
year (workshop of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova). In the movie, began acting
still a student, making his debut in the film “And I go home.” Played by more than 210
movies and TV shows, including “the bell is Ringing open the door”, “Sing a song, poet…”, “Inspector
GAI”, “Winter evening in Gagra”, “Kamenskaya”, “the Village” and others. As a Director
shot 15 films and the TV series “Anna”.

The portal 7days.ru congratulates
Sergei Petrovich and Catherine Alexeyevna with a Topaz wedding and wants a beautiful
and talented cinematic couple happiness and family well-being.

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