The story of a wheelchair user convicted of robbery, caused a public outcry

История с инвалидом-колясочником, осужденным за разбой, вызвала общественный резонанс Anton Mamaev was sentenced to a prison term. 28-year-old man who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and unable to walk, plan to send to the colony. His lawyer Andrey Orlov going to submit a request for release of client from custody.
История с инвалидом-колясочником, осужденным за разбой, вызвала общественный резонанс

The story of 28-year-old wheelchair Anton Mamayev, who was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for robbery, have provoked a lot of talk in society. The guy was sent to the SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina”, and then it will be transferred to a colony. Now authorities are trying to figure out why the disabled person has reached that verdict, it is obvious that Anton would not survive in prison. At the moment it intervened in the case, the Commissioner for human rights in Russia and the members of the Council on human rights under the President. The convict was transferred to the city hospital No. 20.

Recently, the media reported that a young man with muscular atrophy, weighing only 18 pounds, along with accomplice Basil allegedly “extorted scooter” from two people. According to some, one of the victims was a former commando. The materials of the investigation says Mamaev “threatened to shoot himself in the foot, put me in the trunk of the car and take to the woods” and “promised to maim, to cut off ears and gouge out eyes”.

A suspect in committing a robbery claimed the court is completely different. According to him, he agreed to buy a scooter for 160 thousand rubles, and later going to resell it.

“On the day of purchase between us even though there was no hint at some kind of conflict. On the contrary, all the joking, there is even a video, as the owners of Basil are taught to ride a scooter,” said Mamaev reporters.

According to Mamaev, the application to the bodies of the opponents wrote to an old animosity. The judge Timiryazevskiy district court of Moscow Sergey Galkin, who was involved in the verdict, has taken responsibility, noting that spinal muscular atrophy is not included in the list of diseases, interfering punishment serving. Besides, during the meeting of the court said that wine Mamayev in the organization of robbery is proved by the testimony of victims and witnesses, video from surveillance cameras and other data.

Until July 14, Mamayev was transferred from Matrosskaya Tishina to a special unit of the 20-th city hospital. The guy will be examined by qualified professionals. They will decide whether the invalid of the 1st group to serve his sentence in the colony. So, the penal system has taken responsibility for the life and health of the convicted person.

It is known that Anton Mamaev was diagnosed with SMA in nine months. The young man has higher education: he graduated from the Moscow humanitarian Institute. Dashkova. Mamaev working as an economist and involved in charity work. Anton has a wife and little daughter.

In social networks has already started a flash mob in support of Mamayev under the hashtag #Svobodnoye. In the posts urge you to reconsider. “Is invisible, that in prison he won’t survive! Where is the humanity? Where is the justice?” – writes on the page of Darina Krasnov. Her account also shared a daughter, Valery Syutkin, viola.