Бари Алибасов ответил на слухи о беременности подруги In the Network appeared the information that the businesswoman Liang Friedman plans to become a mother for the second time. It was alleged that the father of the unborn baby of a woman is the producer of Bari Alibasov. Figure of show-business was surprised by the data publicised in the press.
Бари Алибасов ответил на слухи о беременности подруги

Today, the media appeared information about the fact that Bari Alibasov will once again be a father. It was argued that this was announced by the girlfriend of the famous producer, businesswoman Liang Friedman. She stated that she did not plan to become a mother for the second time. According to journalists, the baby will be born very soon – this fall. Friedman also told that Alibasov is a very kind and reliable person on whom you can rely on.

Bari Alibasov lit on the anniversary with his ex-fiancee

During the meeting with media representatives Liang added that he tries to hide his interesting position. Friedman disguises rounded belly, trying to avoid unnecessary public attention. As assured correspondents female, she may bear a child in England. As for the name of the future baby, then it Liang has not yet been decided.

“StarHit” contacted well-known producer with a request to comment on information that appeared in the press. Alibasov has made it clear that I’m very surprised with the data reported in the Network. Figure of show-business was not to confirm or deny the happy news.

“I don’t Lyana Friedman, I don’t know. Yes, our life was an episode of an intimate relationship. It was a long time ago. Maybe she was delayed budding or pregnancy? I don’t know when she said it. There was something, maybe were in themselves, do not know can not say anything…” said Bari Karimovich “StarHit”.

The producer also added that the last time you talked with Laney Friedman about six months ago.

Recall that in January, Bari Alibasov spoke about the breakup with his young wife Victoria Maximova, who was his Junior by forty years. The wedding producer took place in summer 2013. The couple said that they absolutely do not mind the age difference. However, shortly after Victoria gave birth to a child, they decided to disband. As it turned out, Alibasov has accused her of infidelity.

In the program “Tonight” Alibasov said that Maximov cheated on him with another man. “We broke up when Vika gave birth to a son Vanya. The child is not mine. It was obvious. Of course I didn’t put my wife up against the wall, saying, tell the truth. I just told her that the heir I don’t like,” said Bari Karimovich, adding that the wife herself he told everything.

The man also said that the baby’s not in his name. After learning about the infidelity of the second half, Alibasov decided not to make a scene and just moved to another apartment. “The fact that I’m pretty easy to relate to the adultery of their wives. Easy to relate to the fact that my wife, as I freely behave in the sexual life,” explained the worker of show business.