Звезды устроили ажиотаж на выставке Антонио Бандераса

The famous actor presented in Moscow the exhibition of his pictures of Women in Gold.

Stir in Banderas was almost like Raphael in the Museum of fine arts. Antonio and works in Moscow brought twice: 22 vs 11 creations of the great Italian Renaissance. Modern Madonnas with babies and without. Women in gold and not only that evening, they were in the pictures and in the hall. And all this in the aroma of the new perfume from the Spanish macho.

To assess the creativity of a famous actor was going to star, which in ordinary life in one company is difficult to imagine. Here was everything: TV presenter Alexander Oleshko, the group “Factory” Irina Khakamada, actors Mikhail Mamaev, Kristina Babushkina, Lyubov Tikhomirova, Ekaterina Semenova, and many others. And everyone tried to touch the beautiful.

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Singer Mitya Fomin joked: “I grew up on movies Antonio and his music. And now on his photos. “The soloist of group “Factory” Irina Toneva said that Banderas for her mystery man. And she wanted to know what he really is.

“For me, Antonio, first and foremost, an attractive man, which immediately stops a female look, admitted to Woman’s Day the actress Ekaterina Semenova. — Then the actor who got very lucky with Directors. For example, Almodovara. And then the photographer.

The hero of the occasion, in my opinion, was a bit stunned excitement.

“I am not a professional photographer and an Amateur. So treat the show with some irony. Irony is humor, and humor is a sign of intelligence,” said Banderas, opening the exhibition. And then, declared his love for Natalia Vodianova, the Foundation of which it holds the exhibition, suddenly saw in the crowd a boy in a black hat, mask and sword.

“I didn’t know that Zorro lives in Russia”, – joked played on the screen of the hero Banderas, welcoming a little bewildered from the attention of the baby. After that, the actor worked as a photographer, had taken off one of the girls on her camera. Antonio is no stranger…

Video published Belotserkovskaya Nika (@belonika) Sep 13 2016 10:45 PDT