Мама Тимати разрешит внучке Алисе сделать татуировку

Simona Yunusova told about his attitude to body drawings and admitted that she herself has several tattoos.

Probably not on the Russian stage actor, who had more tattoos than Timothy. The rapper is famous for its many wearable designs. The first tattoo he did in 18 years, and couldn’t stop.

It is no wonder that fans of Timur immediately raised the question: what if his little daughter Alice also passed on a love of this kind of expression? It turned out that the family of the artist not too worried about this, after all, the younger brother and even the mother of the rapper has tattoos.

Simona Yunusova willing to share a wealth of experience on parenting in Instagram, for the most part it raises Alice Timurovna. And of course the famous grandma did not leave the issue of tattoos without attention.

“About the tattoos… These wearable drawings appeared, more than 60 thousand years ago. It contained the encrypted information on which much could be said about her owners… I will Not ship with unnecessary facts, because I understand that you are interested in the history of our family… I Have three of them, by the way, first appeared at age 45, when the children grew up and left my house… to Say that it was hard – it does not say anything, and I decided it would be easier if I see their sons every minute. So there were the first… When in 17 years, the eldest son spoke about the tattoo, we discussed the sketch, but agreed to wait until adulthood. He fulfilled his promise. Every tattoo is a stage, the story… well, then you know yourself! The Junior made the first tattoo at 18 and for ten years did not come back to this issue a year ago suddenly decided that he needs it again… If it really has a meaning for its owner, it is one of the ways of self-expression. If Alice wants to get a tattoo, I tell her: “eventually there may come a time that you’ll regret it.” She answers: “I heard you, but still want to.” Then I sigh, leaning on the crutch with one hand and the second hand ladies my girl so she wasn’t hurt and scared”.

The mother of rapper Timati is no less famous than her son. Some time ago, Simon started the blog in Instagram, where she shares photos and video of the granddaughter. At the moment women have more than a half million subscribers, so many can not boast of even Alla Pugacheva.

Fans of Simone’s with great interest I read her posts about parenting and watch the result. Thanks to my grandmother a little Alice in his two and a half years is very well developed. Girl that loves the whole country, swim and even to dive, knows letters, numbers, geometric shapes, all fruits, vegetables and much more.

The Knowledge day was a success!!!

Video published simona280 (@simona280) Sep 1 2016 12:39 PDT