Звезды вспоминают ушедшего из жизни режиссера Максима Паперника Celebrities mourn the death of a colleague. Maxim Papernik died from cancer. In different years he worked with Sofia Rotaru, group “VIA Gra”, Natalya Mogilevskaya, Iryna Bilyk and many other representatives of show-business.

      Famous Ukrainian film Director Maxim Papernik has died on 47-m to year of life. Colleagues figure in show business speak of him as a cheerful and very talented man. The news that Maxim’s life was cut short, shocked his acquaintances. They Express condolences to the families of men.

      Maxim Papernik collaborated with a large number of celebrities, including people’s artist of Ukraine Natalia Mogilev. He directed her videos for songs like “Will” and “I am spring”. The singer has a touching goodbye to a colleague.

      “In our life there are two main day when we need support and love. The day of death and birthday. Max, today is your second most important day and you need strength and faith. I believe in you! Go into the Light! My dear and lovely friends, stop for a moment and wish max the same”, – said Natalia Mogilevskaya in social networks.

      The winner of “Eurovision 2016” Jamal is also quite well communicated with the Director. The actress admitted that max had the gift of persuasion. The singer deeply regrets the death of men.

      “The last time we talked with Maxim, he convinced me to play a butterfly-the caterpillar from “Alice in Wonderland”, I have long disagreed, saying that it’s not mine, but in the end agreed. I watched this musical for the New year and laughed a lot . He always wondered… sorry. Thank you for everything. Condolences to the families and relatives,” Jamal is a post made on Instagram.

      In turn, the singer and composer Irina Bilyk told us that he knew the Director very long time. The actress openly spoke about the pain of losing a loved one. “We played in a children’s theater… We were filming our lives and enjoyed it, we wanted to be known. What a pity that left Max. I called childhood friend… Gone talent who always called me Princess,” admitted Irina.

      The ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Hope Meyher-Granovskaya thanked the Director for the collaboration. We will remind, Papernik removed the clips of the songs “the Attempt number 5” and “I’m not coming back”. These songs are sexy girl, in a short time became superhits, and bright videos were still shown on TV.

      “Max, calm your soul! Thank you for the wonderful video that you shot for the band “VIA Gra”. Get some rest and come back,” said Hope in his microblog.

      The condolences of the stars of show business joined the farm. The man told black-and-white photography Papernika. “Max… With the world,” wrote the rapper.

      Note also that the famous Director has worked with Sofia Rotaru. He shot a video for the song “One guelder-rose”. In addition, Papernik participated in the work on TV movies, feature paintings and musicals. Journalists report that the man concealed his diagnosis from colleagues and relatives. He said he was going on a business trip, and actually went to a medical facility. According to correspondents, Maxim became ill after Christmas. He spent several weeks in intensive care, and then died.