Shining Alina Kabaeva made a splash at youth tournament

Сияющая Алина Кабаева произвела фурор на юношеском турнире Olympic champion spoke to the younger generation. Kabaeva appeared at the event in a white dress that emphasizes the benefit of its form. Fans of the sportswoman noted that she looked very stylish and elegant.

      Last weekend, Moscow hosted the international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics Grand-Prix “Moscow 2017”. One of the main guests of the event was Alina Kabaeva. The Olympic champion appeared in a spectacular white dress with perforation, which favorably emphasize her figure.

      At the opening ceremony of the famous gymnast turned to the participants with a speech. According to Kabaeva, many girls will have a great career. She appreciated their effort and desire to win.

      “These tournaments, which bring together young athletes with the stars, is very important. Better to see once than hear a hundred times. Only now the little athletes were and ran into the stands to watch, as is our team, our Olympic champion. This is a great chance, tomorrow she comes to the gym, and it will be a different athlete,” said Kabayeva.

      The star of Russian gymnastics remembered that she had to go through a lot to achieve heights in the sport to win honorary awards. According to Alina, it owes their achievements to the coach. “For all the successes that I have had, I will always thank my coach – Irina Alexandrovna Viner. We have so many years first at the Olympics – I wish it would never end! Our whole life is dedicated to only one thing – that you, looking at us, proud of their country. I wish you all that you trained to become Olympic Champions and to be beautiful with a good figure and beautiful gait. You – the face of our country,” said Kabayeva.

      Pictures with enchanting gymnast started appearing in social networks and collect thousands of likes. Numerous guests of the tournament did not miss the opportunity to be photographed with an Olympic champion. Alina smiled at the fans and were happy to communicate with young athletes. Another celebrity, who were among the honorary guests of the ceremony was Margarita Mamun, who won the gold medal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

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      “Girls – beauties! The pride is ours!”, “Two Queens”, “favorite”, “something even similar,” “so natural,” wrote the followers of Rita about her picture with Alina Kabaeva.