Звезды о внезапной смерти Виталия Чуркина: «Он был очень хорошим человеком» Russia’s permanent representative to the UN died on the eve of the 65th anniversary. According to several sources, the diplomat felt ill and was hospitalized in one of hospitals of new York. As reported by the newspaper, the death occurred due to heart problems.

    On Monday evening it became known about the death of Vitaly Churkin, who served as permanent representatives to the UN. As reported by a number of publications, the cause of death could be heart problems. The diplomat was hospitalized in one of hospitals of new York, but to save him failed. He did not live one day before his 65th birthday.

    “The outstanding Russian diplomat died in working post. We Express to the families and friends of Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin deepest condolences”, – said the foreign Ministry.

    President Vladimir Putin said that the envoy was a talented diplomat and a professional in his field. Many other politicians who were familiar with Vitaly, still can’t believe he left so suddenly from life. One of the first commented on the tragic event Maria Zakharova.

    “Today in new York died Vitaly Churkin. Tomorrow he would have turned 65 years old. A great diplomat. Extraordinary personality. Bright people. We lost a loved one”, – said the representative of the diplomatic Department.

    Some Russian celebrities were personally familiar with Vitaly, so the news of his death shocked them. Valeria posted on Twitter a picture with a diplomat and left a sad signature to the frame.

    “Slain by the news outright. Died Vitaly Churkin. He was a true professional and a very good person. I think irreplaceable is still there. The bright memory of him,” said the artist.

    Husband of Valerie Joseph Prigozhin also noted on the page on the social network, he can’t believe what happened. He expressed condolences to the policy and remember what was Churkin.

    “An outstanding diplomat and a very good man. I was lucky enough to be friends with him,” said the producer.

    Leading Lime Teterich noted that Churkin is always brightly represented Russia abroad, and his quotes are familiar to many people. “It’s always a shame when they leave the people who so represent the country in the international arena in any field: sports, ballet, film, stage, or that diplomacy… With the dignity, culture, generosity, erudition and wisdom. A great loss. The mouthpiece of Russian diplomacy. Always so hot and worthy of the “beat” in the UN. A master of words and will,” said the woman, laying out the Ambassador during his speech at the security Council.

    Vladimir Solovyov called the death of Vitaly Churkin terrible loss, and the politician, the great citizen of Russia. The singer and composer Oleg Gazmanov left words of condolence to friends and family of a diplomat. “What a pity, no words. Scoble along with all… somewhere up there, in the continuation of the eternal days the bell will ring,” Churkin signed by the artist.