Boris Romanov was hospitalized with a head injury

Борис Романов госпитализирован с травмой головы Broadcast journalists that the star and theater actor is in hospital name Botkin. According to several publications, Boris Romanov fainted away of a relative. At the moment the artist feels well and plans to begin rehearsals.

      Борис Романов госпитализирован с травмой головы

      Today, the media reported that famous actor Boris Romanov was in the hospital. It happened on Sunday, February 19. Information on the hospitalization of people’s artist of the Russian Federation confirmed in reference to the hospital service where he was. At the moment, Boris Leonidovich is in the Department of neurosurgery.

      According to some publications, the actor received a head injury after he fainted and hit his head on the floor. It happened at a time when Romanov was visiting a relative. “StarHit” contacted the help Desk of the theatre of the Hermitage, told of how the artist feels.

      “The condition of Boris Leonidovich normal, the diagnosis to be confirmed. Rehearsals will take place in a regular mode”, – said the representatives of cultural institutions.
      Борис Романов госпитализирован с травмой головы

      Boris Romanov is a famous actor of theatre and cinema, was born on 29 may 1942 in Yaroslavl region. 74-year-old actor starred in such films as “Crash, daughter ment”, “Lives a guy”, “Agony” and “Parade of planets”. In addition, Romanov can be seen in the TV series “the labyrinth”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “Queen Margot”, “Demons” and “What did the dead”. The man just starred in 80 films and serial films.

      Note that Boris Romanov from childhood wanted to play on stage. First, he took courses at the Saratov drama theatre, and then began a career as a professional actor. First job offer received Romanov at the age of seventeen. After some time Boris went to the capital and entered the Studio of the Moscow art Theater. He studied at the course of Sophia Pilyavskoy and Alexander Karev. The issue Romanov took place in 1966.

      At different times, Boris Leonidovich played in the Theater of Stanislavsky and the Theatre of drama and Comedy on Taganka. Critics praise the works of a famous actor. In 2005 Romanov was awarded the title “honored artist of the Russian Federation”.

      Since 1990, Romanov is in the troupe of the theater “Hermitage”. Boris Leonidovich involved in such productions as “Zoyka apartment”, “Dimensionless Kim-tango”, “Kapnist there and back”, “Courage”, “Faculty of unnecessary things”, “the God”, and several others.

      One of the most surprising and striking works of Boris Leonidovich is the role of Death in the video clip of the famous singer Vicki Tsiganova. Video premiere for the song “Love and Death” took place in 1994.