The stars of “Sherlock” announced the divorce

Звезды «Шерлока» объявили о разводе Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington broke up after 15 years together. The pair, known for their stealth, not in a hurry to announce about problems in the family. In a recent interview, Freeman told about that was separated from his wife.

      Звезды «Шерлока» объявили о разводе

      Journalists reported that 45-year-old Martin Freeman has parted ways with his wife, 42-year-old Amanda Abbington. About the artist the role of Dr. Watson in the popular series “Sherlock,” the BBC said in an interview to one Western publication. Despite the fact that the actors decided to part, they retained friendly relations. The reason why this happened, Martin did not disclose.

      “I’m not with Amanda. But we have maintained a very warm friendship. I will always love her,” shared Freeman.

      The information that the star of the series “Sherlock” decided to leave, made a bombshell. Fans of serial film starring the charismatic Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t believe that Martin and Amanda broke up. The actors were a couple not only in life but also on screen. Many fans of celebrities thought that they were perfect for each other. “Pitt divorce Jolie, McAvoy left his wife, and now Martin Freeman!”, “Here’s a new reason for collecting petitions”, “2016, what are you doing with me?” “Love, do you even exist?”, “How sad…This was a couple,” “I’m in shock”, “the End of the year is getting worse”, “it looks like an overstretched joke”, “How am I going to watch “Sherlock”, “someone Else wants to get divorce this year” “How much can leave,” discussed social media users.

      Recall that Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington were together for fifteen years. The actors met on the set pictures “Only men”. Romantic relationships do not interfere with Martin and Amanda to work together: the star starred in such films as “Collecting broken bottles” and “Duty to give”, “the Robinsons” and “All together” and in the TV series “Sherlock”. Celebrity mother of two children – 10-year-old Joe and 8-year-old grace.

      In December 2015, in press the information appeared that Freeman and Abbington decided to legalize the relationship after many years in a civil marriage. Such rumors began to circulate after the interview stars of the movie “the Hobbit”. Responding to a reporter’s question, Martin said that he did not want the invasion of privacy, and did not rule out the possibility of his wedding.

      “We are with Amanda for a long time should get married. And, perhaps, we’re already married. It’s just not your business. My job is public, but private life I want to keep closed,” – said Freeman.