Звезды «Игры престолов» Кит Харингтон и Роуз Лесли обручились The actor proposed to fiancée. According to foreign tabloids, Keith and rose are planning to get married in an ancient castle in Scotland. Fans congratulate the stars of the movie with the upcoming nuptials.

A few hours ago, foreign publications reported that the actors from the TV series “Game of thrones” kit Harington and rose Leslie are planning to get married. According to media reports, recently a young man made a proposal of marriage to his beloved. It is expected that the wedding will take place in an ancient castle in Scotland.

“Keith has arranged a romantic candlelit dinner and proposed to rose. She wept with joy and immediately said “Yes” – writes one of the foreign Newspapers.

According to insider information, the couple is thinking about the celebration at the home of the bride. Rose, who played Ygritte in the sensational telecare, spent all my childhood in Scotland, at the ceremony men wear kilts, and to the altar, the couple will go to the sound of bagpipes.

On the eve of the foreign media reported that the couple bought a new house in the East of England worth more than $2 million.”They are good together, and in a big company. Rose and kit are constantly laughing at themselves and laugh all around,” said insiders.

Recall that Keith and rose met in Iceland during the filming of the second season of the TV show. The couple developed rapidly, although they don’t advertise their relationship. Only after some time Harington has hinted that he’s in love.

“When you like someone, then you need to play love with that person in the show, hard to fall in love very easy,” admitted the performer of the role of Jon snow in an interview.

However, both lovers rather difficult characters, so in five years of relationship they several times of rasstavalis. Rose, it seems, has great endurance, as thousands of girls dream boyfriend, Keith.

“When you ask if I’m seeing someone, I always say I don’t want to talk about it. So it is interesting, isn’t it? If I come out and say: here I am, here’s what I do, that’s who I’m with, all I will say: well, this is understandable, next! Much more interesting to see what you will come up with. This does not prevent me yet,” says the actor.

By the way, earlier this week released a new season of “Game of thrones”. The creators have promised that the character of kit Harington will join the battle with the White Walkers. To win the battle, Jon snow is ready to conclude an agreement with several clans. Presumably, the contender for the Iron Throne also see “Mother of dragons”. What to expect from the new season of “Game of thrones”: the battle for power, recognition of actors and betting on death