Nikolai Baskov will be free to work after the scandal with the “Golden judge”

Николай Басков будет бесплатно работать после скандала с «золотой судьей» The singer said that regularly gives charity concerts and will continue to do so. The actor reacted to a caustic remark of the Network user and all of a sudden said that he is ready to give free of charge holiday and others.
Николай Басков будет бесплатно работать после скандала с «золотой судьей»

Nikolay Baskov, not so long ago, speaking at the wedding of the daughter of a judge from Krasnodar, surprised his detractors. After the statement of the artist that on the holiday no fee from the notorious family had not received, users of a Network, apparently, decided to catch him at his word. A crowd favorite has agreed to participate free of charge in the event of the Orenburg charity Foundation “Saving lives”. About it it asked the President of the organization Anna Mezhova.

“I read on the Internet that Basque and Meladze speak for free at events. Sometimes, for example at the wedding of ordinary judges of the Krasnodar region. I thought, well, worse than we are, we’re still doing good things, helping kids. Sent him an invitation to address us at the event of the Foundation “Saving lives” for free. Here, waiting for an answer now. Join us, friends. Can anyone also what event or wedding – invite stars to itself”, – wrote in “Facebook” the activist.

The first request responded Valery Meladze. The Director got in touch with Anna Medovoi and said that the actor is ready to help as soon as in the Orenburg region. However, when it happens, is not specified.

“Now who said Meladze Sergey. The conversation was good, about the problems of orphans, the problems of Russia, about the law of Dima Yakovlev, about how children live in homes for children with disabilities. He promised to help when they are in Orenburg,” writes Mezhova.

In the side of the left and Nikolai Baskov. Seeing the address, he said the employee charitable Fund and wrote on Instagram about the readiness to participate free of charge at the festival. He also said that gives such concerts regularly and has a medal.

Николай Басков будет бесплатно работать после скандала с «золотой судьей»“Dear Anna Mezhova I with great pleasure will perform for your Foundation “Saving lives” . And I want you to inform that he has already given more than 200 charity concerts for which he was awarded the Gold medal “For peacemaking and charitable activities” — award of the International public Fund “Russian peace Foundation”, – wrote the artist.

Today Anna Mirovoi had a conversation with the Director of the concert Nikolai Baskov, Igor by Buturovi. He confirmed the consent of the favorite of the public to speak at the event. Now, the question is in what format it will take place. The activist thanked the artist and wished them on their way to meet such good people.

Meanwhile, high-profile wedding of the daughter of Krasnodar judges, which sparked a series of scandals that continue to discuss on the Network. Lawyer Sergei Zhorin, who gave publicity to this story, created a petition on the website in which he demanded an early withdrawal from the post “Golden judge” Elena Khakhaleva.

“We are not asking for the resignation of the judge in Kahalewai. The meaning of the law on the status of judges, dismissal of judges is the honorable resignation, which in this case is completely irrelevant! We demand early termination of the “gold” judges for gross violation of the Code of judicial ethics. Her behavior not only diminishes the authority of the judge herself, but also causes damage to the reputation of the judiciary as a whole!” – said in the text. While the petition was signed by 295 people 1.

Recall, the feast of the successor of the Chairman of the administrative Board of the Krasnodar regional court Elena Kahalewai began to discuss a week ago. The loud wedding was held in one of the most prestigious concert halls of Krasnodar back in June. However, while it has not said well-known in the field of show-business lawyer Sergei Zhorin, nobody guessed about the cost and scope of the celebration. According to the lawyer, on the occasion spent two million dollars.

Wedding guests shared their videos with the performances of Nikolai Baskov, Vera Brezhneva and Valery Meladze. According to friends of the family, the couple received a gift of a Bentley. To deny information on such a major embezzlement itself Hahaleva did not. She explained that the triumph was paying her ex-husband and father of daughters is a very successful entrepreneur. The judge earned $ 2 million 641 thousand rubles, according to the Declaration on incomes for the year 2016.

The artists also commented on the incident. Valery Meladze said that singing for free because is a friend of the bride’s father, Nikolai Baskov for performance paid for by the friends of the newlyweds – it was their wedding gift. Sobchak called the fees Baskov and Meladze for the wedding of the daughter of the “gold” judges