Мария Кожевникова рассказала о родах Star of TV series “Univer” and a public figure fans congratulated with the day of the phenomenon of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God and shared details of the long-awaited replenishment in the family. As it turned out, Maria Kozhevnikova helped prayers.

Yesterday it became known that the 32-year-old actress and social activist Maria Kozhevnikova has become a mother for the third time. The woman gave her husband Eugene’s charming son, who was born in one of capital clinics. The baby name is still unknown. The celebrity came back from the hospital to home, where waiting for her beloved husband, and adorable sons, three – year Ivan and two-year Maxim.

A day later, Maria Kozhevnikova shared some details of the joyous event. According to the actress, helped her prayer for help in childbirth.

“Today is the appearance day of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God. This is an amazing story. It was discovered in 1579, a nine year old girl… the Queen of our heaven, blessed mother of God, pray for us. Save and protect! P. S. All expectant mothers to note, there is prayer to the Mother of God for assistance in childbirth, it helped me a lot. Ever talk about it”, – with these words Kozhevnikova appealed to the subscribers.

Followers of Mary congratulated her with the advent of the third child and wished the baby to grow healthy and strong, to the delight of parents. In addition, they shared their own life experience. As it turned out, the blessed mother has helped many users of social networks. “Every day pray to her”, “Happiness to you and the kiddies are”, “And I went before giving birth to the icon, light a candle! Surprisingly, gave birth in three hours”, “congratulations! As well, there were the same bright people like you” – wrote in comments to the publication of the actress.

The day before in the microblog Kozhevnikova appeared to confirm information about the birth of another child. “Yes, friends! I became having many children mother,” shared Maria, without going into details. At the moment the Israeli state is restored after the birth. Apparently, a celebrity feels. Fans of the actress, who follow her work on Instagram, say that she looks great.

Recall that the “StarHit” first wrote about the upcoming replenishment in the family of the stars of the series “Univer” and a public figure. The sources close to Maria said that her pregnancy goes easily. According to insiders, the celebrity, preparing for the arrival of a third child, trying to follow the diet not to gain weight. “She and her husband want a big family, planning more children, so the news that soon will become parents, they are incredibly happy,” added the familiar Kozhevnikova.