Coach of “Spartak” Roman Pylypchuk lost 23-year-old daughter

Тренер «Спартака» Роман Пилипчук потерял 23-летнюю дочь In the family of Soviet and Russian athlete has befallen. Roman Pylypchuk is experiencing the death of a loved one. As representatives of the football club, died today of his successor Mary. Colleagues ridges condolences to his family and friends.
Тренер «Спартака» Роман Пилипчук потерял 23-летнюю дочь

Today appeared information about the fact that his daughter died 50 years Soviet and Ukrainian football player and coach of FC “Spartak” Roman Pilipchuk.

Sad news appeared on the official website of the “red-whites”. The reasons why the young girl died not known. Other details are also unknown.

“The family coach of our team was in sorrow. Today, his daughter died. Mary was only 23 years old… Football club “Spartak-Moscow” expresses its deep and sincere condolences to the baby and his family”, – said the representatives of the football club.
Тренер «Спартака» Роман Пилипчук потерял 23-летнюю дочь

Roman Pylypchuk was born on 27 April 1967 in the city Snow Donetsk region of Ukraine. His football career began in 1989 in the distant “the Textile worker”. A year later, the promising athlete received an offer from Moscow Dynamo, playing for which he became the bronze medalist of the USSR championship.

In the “white-blue” Pilipchuk was until the summer of 1991, he then moved to the Vladikavkaz “Spartak”. After the collapse of the Soviet Union player has gone to another country. The choice of the men fell on Israel. In 2000, the athlete returned to the territory of his native Ukraine and was playing for Metalurh Donetsk. After three years, the Roman career of the player.

Prepare players the man started in 2008. Then Pylypchuk was appointed assistant coach “Shinnik”. At different times Mr. Roman worked in the Moldovan “Dacia” and “the Baltic” from Kaliningrad.

To the “red-white” athlete joined in June 2016, when the leadership team engaged Dmitri Alexeev. After his departure, Pilipchuk remained to work in “Spartacus” received the position of assistant to the Italian Massimo Carrera. In the 2016/17 season the club became champion in football.

In a recent interview, Roman told reporters about what his function in the coaching staff. According to Pylypchuk, he is engaged in analytical work. The man is interesting to consider the tactics of the opponent. Conversing with correspondents, the athlete admitted that very much communicates with the Carrera, but the last word always remains behind the Italian. Sometimes the coaches even disputes arise. However, it does not harm their relationship. Pylypchuk believes that learned a lot from the foreign specialist.