The stars of “Game of thrones” has made the same tattoo

Звёзды «Игры престолов» сделали одинаковые татуировки

Actresses Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner so close on the set of the HBO series “Game of thrones”, the seventh season of which is currently shooting in Northern Ireland that he decided to get matching tattoos in honor of his strong female friendship.

Звёзды «Игры престолов» сделали одинаковые татуировки
At the moment, Macy and Sophie, like many of the crew of the TV show are Irish Belfast. Local famous tattoo artist Miss Kate Payne has recently published a joint photo with the artists.

“Made this wonderful tattoo girls Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner from Game of thrones” — wrote under the photo mistress. To the question, what is so special I wanted to draw on my body Actresses, Miss Kate said, “Let them first show the tattoo when you want to do it, I’m not going to reveal the secret But I will say that the picture from Maisie and Sophie were the same.”
On the Macy’s page in the social network’, with Turner sharing a photo, the signature on which says “💜💕07.08.09💕💜”. I assume that this date – the time when they are approved for the role in the TV series “Game of thrones” — girls and tattooed on their bodies.