Светлана Разина получила тяжелую травму The ex-soloist of group “the Mirage” I broke my arm before the gig. The actress was forced to change outfits in which she will appear on stage in the coming weeks, not to frighten the audience. She Svetlana Razina jokingly calls the injured limb “diamond hand”.

      Светлана Разина получила тяжелую травму

      In the next three to four weeks Svetlana Razina fully feel like the heroine of the film “the diamond arm”. Recently the singer received a serious trauma after working on the site of his country house.

      “I can’t remember why I climbed on a high stool, says “StarHit” Svetlana Razina. But at some point can not keep his balance and collapsed on a pile of building materials. There and the bricks and concrete debris. So without injuries no cost. Fell, at first did not understand what happened. Then I felt an excruciating pain in his right hand. Called an ambulance, went to hospital, was put in plaster”.

      Despite the injury, Razin is not canceled previously scheduled appearances and touring. On one recent gig, the star appeared as if nothing had happened, and the viewer does not notice that she has problems with hand – outfit Svetlana “hid” in plaster.

      “I have almost all concert dresses with short sleeves, so I had a long time to find it, only long, not to frighten the audience,” Svetlana laughs.
      Светлана Разина получила тяжелую травму

      Of course, after the injury the singer had to face some difficulties. “Daughter had to write a note to school to otbrosit lessons – continues Razin. “I call her our homeroom teacher, explain the situation – say, the left hand can’t do that, not trained. That said, let Alice want to write, and you just sign it! So I did.”

      This is not the first fracture, which happened in the life of the artist. Once she was in a serious car accident, broke a thoracic vertebra. The disease again made itself felt. For example, one morning, many years later after the incident, Svetlana just could not get out of bed – because of the consequences of the accident.