Светлана Бондарчук собрала дома звездную мафию The celebrity spent the night from Saturday to Sunday with friends, playing mafia. Apartment Svetlana visited the Denis Simachev, Ksenia Sobchak with her husband Maxim Vitorgan, Hope Obolentseva and other familiar Bondarchuk. The evening was very fun, than the women shared in their social networks.

      47-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk spent the weekend in a warm and friendly company. Celebrity friends gathered in her luxurious apartment at Patriarch’s ponds to play mafia. Company Svetlana made designer Denis Simachev, a leading Ksenia Sobchak with her husband, actor Maxim Vitorgan, socialite Hope Obolentseva and other good friends of the stars. “Mafia asleep”, wrote Svetlana of the evening in a fun circle in one of his social networks.

      Followers guests Svetlana has supported their passion for the popular game. “Great gang, “You’re super cool party”, “Soul”, “Wonderful game” — they wrote in the comments to photos of friends Bondarchuk.

      Ksenia Sobchak also wrote about how the get-togethers with friends in his Instagram. Apparently, the host and her husband had a good rest in a pleasant company. “Yesterday, Max drank chacha and confusing in the game, and today — the traditional reckoning calories in the fitness room”, — said Sobchak. Subscribers to the celebrity said that her husband is in fine form. “You were meant for each other”, “husband Looks great, feels hand wife” “Harmonious pair” “As Maxim becomes more and more like his father in youth”, “Good job, Xenia! The main incentive for men beloved woman”, “Maxim smug, so to keep the” — shared his opinion of the fans of the star couple.

      By the way, earlier Svetlana Bondarchuk, together with his friends visited the premiere of “Black Russian” with RAVENOL Kursovoy. Celebrity impressed other guests with its new look. The fact that she decided on a bold experiment in early September Bondarchuk decided to cut off my bangs. One of the first transformation of the star praised her followers on Instagram. They agreed that the hair Svetlana very well. Subscribers women also noted that this haircut makes you feel younger Bondarchuk. “You always looked great but now just chic”, “Woman with a capital letter”, “So fresh, younger,” — commented Svetlana fans. New trend: why stars cut bangs

      As for home parties Bondarchuk, it suits them quite often. Svetlana often calling them his friends, Renata Litvinova, Kseniya Sobchak, Glyuk оZу, Olga Slutsker, Natalia Timakova, Natalya Dubovitskaya, and many others. The Bondarchuk apartment located in the heart of Moscow, the area of housing women 300 square meters.