Лена Ленина поселила маму в шикарный дом Just three weeks ago in the elite village “Cambridge” Lena Lenin arranged a housewarming party in his honor and invited to the event a lot of star friends. After more Crescent celebrity decided to celebrate such an event again but in honor of his mother, who gave a luxurious mansion in Marseille.

      Лена Ленина поселила маму в шикарный дом

      Just recently, the star friends Lena walked to her housewarming party – writer and secular ltica purchased luxury housing in the city. Congratulate the new home of the flamboyant star then came Larisa Dolina Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Kostya Tszyu, Joseph Kobzon and other stars were not even aware that soon the writer will arrange another party, but in a nearby village. The star gift was very surprised as the mother Lena and her friends. The size of the mansion is 20 acres, which planted a lot of trees. But it did not become a major highlight of the new house. The main pride – luxury bath, made of solid logs of larch.

      “Marcel,” now mommy has a house, a forest, a lake and bath! And a huge area for cultivation of roses.”

      The mother of the owner of the network nail salon can sleep peacefully. The house is located 30 km from Moscow. The territory of the elite settlement areas are woodlands that can guarantee an environmentally suitable for the health environment. Probably Lenin also considered this point when choosing a future gift. The generosity of the stars knows no bounds, because judging by how worn her parent, she never spared no means to please the nearest relative.

      Lena Lenin gathered his friends to a party

      Came to visit friends once again congratulated herself as Lena and her mother. Kostya Tszyu came along with mom so she met with Lena and the family could come to visit them, because the athlete lives nearby. Not spared is significant in the life of writer event and Larisa Guzeeva, and the group “on-On”, and Cornelia Mango, together with her husband, who enthusiastically spoke to the assembled guests. Nikita Dzhigurda, in turn, did not keep their own emotions, falling on his knee before the mother Lena and expressing my gratitude that she gave birth to the “green-eyed Queen”. Bari Alibasov also scored that day. It is the first time in nearly 70 years of life tried to milk the cow, and it turned out great, except that he accidentally sprayed the dress of the writer.

      In order to priehavshie entertain the guests, the star threw a lavish buffet. Visiting chef treated guests to a French desserts, snails, which are like the most Lena, but also the lamb shish kebab and Uzbek pilaf. In General hungry at social events left. Celebrity joked, laughed, expressed warm feelings to each other. The writer recognized the “Daughter of the year” with enthusiasm several times throwing her into the air. All my friends fell by the way a new house, its interior and layout. Guests unanimously acknowledged justified such an attachment from Lena.