Bill Murray generously gave “tea”

Биллу Мюррею щедро дали «на чай»
The actor worked as a bartender in a new York restaurant.

Bill Murray

Photo: Legion-media

Recently 65-year-old
Bill Murray tried something new. Actor one day
retrained in… the bartender! He spent the whole night and till morning stood behind the bar
stand one of the restaurants in new York, busily mixing cocktails. And,
his efforts were appreciated: by the end of its work, Murray became
the owner of a solid bundle of five and ten-dollar bill, which the visitors handed
him as a “tip”. However, bill decided not to assign the whole amount himself, and generously
we share the money with all employees of restaurant.

New for
the profession Murray tried out for their son Homer. The fact that that evening in Brooklyn hosted
Grand opening of the restaurant Murray Jr. Temporarily interrupting its work
Bill made a toast in honor of the momentous event: “Homer is my eldest son. And
I’m really glad that he followed my example and became an actor instead
this rather to offer people good food and drinks, and did their
profession. So let us drink for my son, his friends and business partners!”

Homer, in
the restaurant, which was going to the opening night more than 100 people, one of the bill’s two offspring from his first marriage — to Margaret Kelly. Besides Homer, Margaret Murray gave birth to another son — Luke. And the second actor’s wife Jennifer Butler
happy bill has four sons: Caleb, Jackson, Cooper and Lincoln. Interestingly, although the three brothers of the Murray — Brian, Joel
and John also became actors, none of the six children bill would have wanted