The stars in awe of the triumphant performance Sagitova and Medvedeva

Звезды в восторге от триумфального выступления Загитовой и Медведевой The first gold medal for Russia at the Olympics in Pyeongchang won the 15-year-old Alina Sagitova. Her teammate Evgenia Medvedeva was second. A student of figure skating were congratulated by stars of show-business and sport, noting that this is the best gift on February 23.
Звезды в восторге от триумфального выступления Загитовой и Медведевой

On Friday, February 23, at the Olympics in Pyeongchang played set of medals in women’s figure skating. Before the second appearance on the ice, that is, before the optional program, the Russian figure skater Alina Sagitova and Evgeny Medvedev broke two world records on the number of points for the rental. So the fans in Russia and in Korea looking forward to what the outcome of this prank? Will it be possible for the athletes to get medals. And now a real double celebration – the defender of the Fatherland day and the day our athletes took the first gold excitement in the history of the country for the Olympic games. Alina Sagitova – gold, Evgenia Medvedeva was second.

With the victory of our skaters were congratulated by colleagues and laymen, and simply known to fans of the sport. Tennis player Maria Sharapova has said the Olympic champion tweeted a short message: “Uraaaaaaa! Sagitova – the first, Medvedev second. Well done!”. Other athletes and their fans were much more verbose.

The wife of the Olympic champion Yana Rudkovskaya lamented that alas, not the first place for two people to share, and rightly called the skaters “heroines of the Olympic games”.

“It was worth to get up at 6 am to enjoy this final Great confrontation of our two girls – Alina and Zhenya, a space level, which opened a new page in the history of women’s skiing! Alina – 1 in short, Jack – 1 arbitrary, in the end, a little more of the ball Zhenya lost to Alina! Why not give 2 gold medals, for me, these 2 little girls who didn’t make any mistakes neither in the Short nor in the long program – heroine of the Olympics! The pride of our country! Alina, thanks for the first gold, Genia, your silver, like gold, believe me! Not gonna get us, certainly in women’s single skating, yeah! Well done! Proud! Eteri Tutberidze and the entire coaching staff, Bravo!”, – I wrote Ian.
Звезды в восторге от триумфального выступления Загитовой и Медведевой

His professional opinion has been shared by two-time Olympic champion, multiple champion of the main competition in figure skating Evgeny Plushenko congratulated colleagues on the team Adelina Sotnikov, which this year refused to participate in the Olympic games, and Alexei Yagudin, also Olympic champion in singles, said that this is the best gift on February 23.

“The great confrontation – Alina Sagitova and Eugene Medvedev – two brilliant hire, gold for Russia, Alina ,silver, Zhenya! The difference between them is little more than a ball and a large lead over all the others! Our pride, which raised the world women’s skating to a new level, where there is Alina and Eugene and everyone else! Well done! Bravo to the coaching staff,” wrote Plushenko.

“Our Golden girls! I would like to sincerely congratulate you! Today you’ve both experienced that incredible feeling! girls, You are beautiful! Erika, welcome to the club OI! Very happy that Russia shows that we are the strongest and no one can stop us! I think it’s a century of Russian figure skaters! And of course, with a great rental! Genia, you are our hero! Our soldier! You need to take the example to all the athletes. You are an example of how to work, how to love what you do and get pleasure from it! Thank you for today’s! Which had chills and tears!Girls, it is hard to choose the best! Because you have shown today that both are worthy of the title Olympic Champion, I think everyone will agree with me .For our country now 2 champion!Thank You!” – said Adelina Sotnikova.

“Uraaaaa! Alina Sagitova and Evgeny Medvedev, thank you for the medals, for fighting, for the beauty! a great gift for the whole country and in particular to all men, especially today, 23 February,” wrote Alexei Yagudin.

A successful businesswoman, socialite, adept a healthy lifestyle and well-known sports fan Polina Kitsenko wrote emotionally that skater Medvedev and Sagitova this “marvel”: “well It’s kind of not strength, not talent, not technical training, and adult Titanic power of the spirit you need to have this baby so every day to give the world record. Anyone who missed it, as at dawn they brought the whole world into open space, I advise you to take advantage of the 21st century, expressed in digital TV and content on request. In short, on the website of the First channel is video replays of the performances of these meteorites, abandoned us on Earth from the galaxy of wondrous people, and generally nurtured in Russia. They pedestal themselves like a hymn to the Russian super-people! The defender of the Fatherland day better no one would be able to defend the reputation of our country! The protector!”, – wrote to Pauline.

Anita Tsoy, which for the Olympics is watching on the spot, said the victory of Alina Sagitova in a video message: “There is the first gold our Russian team! Women. Single skating. Alina Sagitova 156,65 earned points for the free dance and scored a total of 239,57! Evgenia Medvedeva us fifth silver medal! Girls! Alina, Zhenya! Thank you! You are the best! Proud!”, she said. The singer Sergey Lazarev is also emotionally congratulated the athletes with the awards, stressing that the girls have completely justified the hopes rested upon them.

“Uraaaa! Alina , Zhenya! Amazing! What an incredible responsibility on your fragile shoulders, what high expectations! You met them in full! With The Victory! You are our Pride! Cheers. The Olympic champion!” – posted by Sergey Lazarev.

And Tina Kandelaki wrote that the day our team passed a major milestone, and now, thanks to the figure skaters-odinochnits we have a chance to believe again in our sports victories: “We even can’t imagine what price are these victories. Life is governed by a strict schedule leading athlete from event to event. And then, one day, you come to the Olympics, which will divide a life into BEFORE and AFTER. How many nights before, imagining how it would be, and how after each time consciousness savoring every detail. These two girls today deservedly became the personification of Russia in the modern world. Superwomen that have only 2 competitor. They themselves and the speed of the sound of their skates. Alina and Zhenya, this is the best emotional gift to the country, losing faith in our sporting victory!” – Kandelaki wrote in Instagram.