Alexander Radulov divorced his wife due to a serious conflict

Александр Радулов развелся с женой из-за серьезного конфликта Gymnast Daria Dmitrieva spoke about a quarrel with a famous hockey player and his attempts to reconcile. A striking pair that hit in its time the public chic wedding in the style of Greek gods, fell apart last year.
Александр Радулов развелся с женой из-за серьезного конфликта

In the summer of 2017 hockey player Alexander Radulov broke up with gymnast Daria Dmitrieva, a year after the wedding. A young woman wrote that she initiated the divorce. “There are things that I personally can not tolerate that. There are moral principles!” wrote to Darya in social networks, dodging the details.

After the separation from her husband Dmitrieva started a new life. Now Daria takes the time created her a wedding Agency, and also heads the Department of public relations and mass media of a law firm. The founder of the firm was going through a divorce gymnasts. As told Dmitrieva, she tried to fit in with Radulov after divorce, but the ex-spouses are unable to forget about disagreements that arose between them. Relationship of athletes has always been difficult.

“We were fighting before the divorce even before the wedding. Already started misunderstandings, problems in family life. Then he began to show himself more. Frankly, after the divorce we tried to come together. Unfortunately, to no avail. Then he was loaded with gifts, flowers – when you were divorced. When he realized that he had lost and wanted me back. Then he showed himself very well”, – said the gymnast.

According to the memoirs of Daria, they could not have two days to live without showdown. Quarreling, temperamental lovers splashed emotions. Athletes are constantly jealous of each other – until Daria had called all friends of Alexander, he followed her and threatened violence if the gymnast someone started to care. Before the wedding Radulov hurt Dmitriev, and she again lost their nerve.

“This is our style of communication, relationships, that’s fine. For some, it’s crazy, they don’t understand how this could be. (…) The only thing we didn’t hear each other. Instead of trying to resolve an issue in itself, everyone tried to present to each other, but he did not fix it. This was the end,” says Daria.

At some point, had Dmitriyeva tired forgive Radulov. According to Daria, with Alexander “brought each other a lot of pain.” This was the impetus for the final rupture of relations. About what exactly the man was guilty, Dmitrieva prefers not to talk. Rumored Radulov allegedly cheated on his wife, and she hinted at infidelity choice on Instagram. Daria decided not to comment on such speculation.

“I can hint at anything. This is my personal life. It’s his personal life. The conflict occurred. Yes, I can where-that to hint that we had a misunderstanding. The specific situation I will not speak, but once again, why we broke up. Due to the fact that each didn’t work. If I have something did not suit, he was, roughly speaking, anyway. Yes, he apologized, he could give me flowers or a car. But the essence of the problem did not go away. As well then the problems began on my part. I also couldn’t hear him, didn’t want to be corrected, we do not make compromises, does not listen to each other,” said Daria.

According to the prenup, Dmitrieva got nothing. When a gymnast signed the document, she was in an interesting position. According to Daria, Alexander insisted he did not leave her without property. The young woman decided to accept the terms. Then had Dmitriyeva feared that Radulov will suspect her of greed.

Now Alexander and Daria temporarily do not communicate. Dmitriev hopes that they with your ex-husband will overcome the difficulties and to re-establish contact for the sake of son Makara, writes