The star visited a beauty party

Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

  • Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

    Julia Baranovskaya

  • Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

    Maxim and Yulia Karaseva

  • Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

    Elena Sotnikova

  • Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

    Anastasia Stotskaya

  • Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

    Anna Nevskaya

  • Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

    Evelina Khromtchenko

  • Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

    Olga Orlova

  • Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

    Tatyana Kotova

  • Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

    Eugene papunaishvili and Ekaterina Odintsova

  • Звезды побывали на beauty-вечеринке

    Artem Korolev

  • The stars had a great time at the event

14 June 2016 the Institute of beauty “Sensavi” celebrated his 18th birthday at the restaurant Piazza Italiana. To congratulate the “Sensavi” came his friends and customers, are the brightest stars of show business, secular persons and representatives of the Russian business elite.

The hosts of the evening were Eugene papunaishvili and Ekaterina Odintsova, and they held a ceremony of awarding the prize of Beauty Sensation. Crystal figurines went to the stars and celebrities whose beauty Institute believes guidance in the world of beauty and style; the company representatives who contributed to the success of the “Sensavi” and its most loyal customers. In particular, figurines Beauty Sensation was given to Olga Orlova, Tatiana Kotova, Anastasia Stotskaya, Anna Nevskaya.

Eugene papunaishvili showed the guests the evening of choreographic skills, having high energy dance workshop for everyone. Margarita Pozoyan sang their best songs, and a stunning jazz vocals Anastasia Stotskaya and her dance show brought to the stage the atmosphere of the musical. At the end of the evening under the Russian and foreign hits cover band “FRUKTЫ danced the whole room.

The partner of the evening was the company Zeltiq Aesthetics is a manufacturer of revolutionary CoolSculpting device, which helps to regain harmony and perfect proportions.

In celebration of the birthday of the “Sensavi” was attended by: Olga Orlova, Yulia Baranovskaya, Evelina Khromchenko, Tatyana Kotova, Yuliya and Maxim Karasev, Ksenia Solovyova, Anastasia Stotskaya, Olesya Roslovac, Catherine velichenko, Victoria Davydova, Ekaterina Odintsova, Dasha gauzer, Irina Grineva, Alexander and Marina Dobrovinsky, Artem Korolev, Elena Sotnikova, Anna Nevskaya and Dmitry klepatsky, Evgeny papunaishvili, Sergey, Alua and Sophia Glazyev, Margarita Pozoyan, Eugene Kim, Julia Posch, ester Abner, Mariam Koberidze.

“18 years is the best compliment “Sensavi”. This means that people trust him with yourself and your health, without which there can be beauty. So he has credibility from customers, and it’s worth it. I wish the “Sensavi” to celebrate the birthdays of an infinite number of times!” – said Julia Baranovskaya.

“In the “Sensavi” I love the procedure of facial massage. I for the classic, “old school”. When soft, cozy, warm master’s hands stroke the face, it extends, becomes a beautiful and grateful. I wish the “Sensavi” prosperity, health and happiness, and that its creators were pleased with what they do and what I dedicate my life. And a lot of nice and beautiful clients!” – said Olga Orlova.

“It’s a wonderful, very correct master. They don’t just have different techniques – they are true artists! Often, beauty salons, suggest unnecessary procedures, and employees “Sensavi” take into account all the nuances and don’t offer something that wasn’t necessary. And here the most modern technologies and devices. I hope that my mother will come here again. I wish the “Sensavi” continue to help women to maintain the individual beauty!” – shared Anastasia Stotskaya.

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