Zavorotnyuk and Chernyshev compromise to save the marriage

Заворотнюк и Чернышев идут на компромиссы, чтобы спасти брак Star happy together for more than seven years. In family life, each spouse periodically have to adjust to another to avoid conflicts. Anastasia and Peter was able to reach an understanding, so in their house there is harmony.

      Заворотнюк и Чернышев идут на компромиссы, чтобы спасти брак

      Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Peter Chernyshev considered one of the most solid and beautiful couples of the Russian show-business. Actress and skater were married in 2008 and since then has not parted. According to the couple, after so many years of marriage, they have learned to solve all conflicts through compromise.

      Anastasia and Peter were together to show “New morning”, which was launched on the NTV channel. For Chernysheva’s first experience as a TV announcer. Skater admitted that this work gives them the confidence that some time they spend next to each other, and do not scatter on other projects. According to Chernysheva, in their family had developed a full understanding as they are guided by several principles in married life.

      “Can never be a completely smooth relationship in the family. There are two different people, each with their own character, their biorhythms, so you always have to adjust to the partner, to compromise. And remember that women and men play different roles in the family. The wife should not forget the stress that naturally falls on the husband,” said Peter.

      Anastasia shares the position of her husband. In her opinion, for harmony in the family need to between the spouses was love, not passion. “A deep sense will allow people to forgive and understand and to meet the partner, and survive adversity,” says car crash.

      By the way, the actress recently admitted that her husband helps her to follow him, she instills good habits. Anastasia and Peter together can do sports with this skater puts always a difficult fitness challenges for the wife. Sometimes a man stands even as a personal trainer for movie stars. Zavorotnyuk a husband largely controls it. According to her, there is no female leadership in the family. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk performs all the whims of her husband

      Despite the fact that in April, she starred in the TV series “My fair nanny” celebrated its 45th anniversary, she doesn’t look his age. It is often mistaken for the sister’s daughter Ani. “If you want to look good, you need to go to specialists and very carefully to deal with this issue, and most importantly – regularly. It is impossible to think about yourself once a month or once a year. It should be a mandatory regular treatments with an integrated approach. You need to find your doctor and to constantly improve yourself: body and face and hair” – shared Zavorotnyuk portal

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