Ларису Гузееву осудили за роскошную жизнь The presenter showed the social network as she travels. Subscribers microblog scolded her a star because she flies on a private jet and lead too luxurious a lifestyle.

      Ларису Гузееву осудили за роскошную жизнь

      On blog TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva signed about 311 thousand users of the social network “Instagram”. The star is not shy to share with them photos from the shoot and his personal life. On the days leading showed footage from the cabin of the private plane in which she made the flight. Before the woman is a plate of seafood dish with several kinds of cheese and an unusual fruit, while she holds in her hands a glass of champagne. Fans Guzeeva accused of excessive love for luxury.

      Some users of the social network began to insult the leading show “let’s get married!”. Such attacks Larisa has not suffered in relation to itself and the limited access of many subscribers to microblog, and removing the.

      “Sick in the head blocked, thanks to the previous photos. Well, of course, a private jet and champagne at seven in the morning is not my life and not even part of it,” he met the TV star.

      However, on the way back from his journey Larissa showed again how perfect is her flight. Some users supported Guzeeva, noting that she can afford such pleasures of life. “You are fantastic, have the right to be like this”, “My admiration for beauty, charisma, talent and the jokes, which is all I quote!”, “It is human envy! Do not pay attention. Larissa, you are a real, own, understanding, smart, life!”, “I admire your wisdom and insight,” wrote fans leading.

      By the way, on the way to Moscow Larisa got into a bad situation. One of the flights was postponed for a few hours, therefore leading had to pass the time in a special VIP hall at the airport. “Flight delay, and I have the evening planned. People never make: the nerve of these pads! Have a great weekend!”, wished Guzeeva its subscribers.

      The photos in the microblog Larissa has repeatedly caused heated discussion users in the Network. The 16-year-old daughter of TV presenter Lely surprised fans of the star. The girl went with mom shopping, she was dressed all in black and looked very aggressive. Photo daughter Larisa Guzeeva created a furor in the Network

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