The star of “Ural dumplings” Yulia Mikhalkov: “Age cheat”

Звезда «Уральских пельменей» Юлия Михалкова: «Возраст можно обмануть»
The actress openly gives tested recipes of youth and beauty.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Julia Mikhalkov’m sure 20 years from now will look worse than it is now, in my 33 years. She likes to keep my figure right, she’s
ready to use for this treatments, Facials and Spa treatments. “I’m not afraid of aging, but objectively assess
the situation, says the actress. — If the time to start using the services
cosmetologist, it is possible at some point to deceive the age. Hope I don’t
will have to go to a plastic surgeon. But I for mesotherapy, do it regularly.
It is all the advice and hand facial massage. While visiting the Spa, be sure to
please make me anti-cellulite massage”.

Part of massage Yulia a great experience.
“I tried honey, acupressure, cupping,
lymphatic drainage, anti-stress, Korean, Thai, French, Spanish,
Hawaiian massage with hot stones and hot herbal bags, says
Mikhalkov. But cellulite is the most favorite.
Yes, so squeezed harder! By the way, to the gym after a good massage to go already
no need: you’re in the process of losing volume and weight. Over the course of the massage can
easily lose three to five pounds and lose seven inches in
waist. And the press too, but not necessary the stomach itself is lifted”.

However, the sport is Julia’s friends, Especially with swimming, runs in the pool at every opportunity. “I have girlfriends who are now 50 years old, they have long swim, and I see a great result. Even if you only swim for half an hour three times a week, guaranteed flat stomach and no cellulite,” says the star of “Ural dumplings”. Julia tries not to miss and fitness. However, just to squat and pump up muscles “glands” she’s bored. Much more interesting squash (game sport with a ball and racket) and table tennis — they it is ready to engage in for several hours.

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