Звезде «Уральских пельменей» предлагают миллионы за волосы Ilana St. George may say goodbye to a great head of hair for a big reward. Now the artist only reflects on the received proposal, and analyzes what it can result in a drastic change of image.

      Actress Ilana St. George recently returned from the United States, where he stayed for a month. During a trip to new York 28-year-old star of the show “Ural dumplings” called for a Broadway musical, where he met one of the local producers.

      Talking, Ilana learned that her companion looking for a girl with natural long hair for photography, dedicated to the symbol of 60s actress Audrey Hepburn. The producer stared the gorgeous hair Iourieva and concluded that it would be awesome for this role. The celebrity is happy to support this idea, but within a minute she had to think about it, because it turned out that to participate in photography she will have to part with his great hair.

      “Alex said that I was waiting for the transformation in the images of Audrey in different years, – tells Ilana “StarHit”. – But, as you know, Hollywood actress in different periods of time were like very long hair and quite short, even for men, a haircut. When I timidly suggested to wear a wig, the producer refused, saying that he is strongly against wigs, of photoshop and other modern technology. Because I’m gonna leave hair, he offered to pay me three million rubles. Now I’m thinking…

      Of course, someone might say, for the money it is possible and to bald shave, hair – no teeth grow back. But I love your hair, they are my calling card. Maybe I risk to seem immodest, but have the courage to say that none of the Russian celebrities not seen such thick long hair. I have never painted, and the sheared one last time already in school! My husband and daughter Diana, which next month will mark two, also love my hair, love to stroke them, and my daughter sometimes can’t even fall asleep until a few minutes lie down, twirling a lock of my hair on my little finger… So for me to become the owner of the caret is a serious step. For this reason I do not give Alex the final answer”.

      Perhaps the star will change their minds when they remember that she was not first proposed to cut hair for work. Three years ago to leave the hair for the filming of “Battalions” had actress Maria Kozhevnikova, a year ago her colleague Julia Vysotskaya made a surprise appearance in the broadcast of their morning show without a single hair on her head – the star went bald for the role in the film “Ray”.