Стешу Маликову обругали за яркий макияж The daughter of a famous musician has got the love of experimentation. Stesha Malikova tried on a doll. Fans called her hot pink lips clear enumeration and stated that with this makarom the girl began to look at least ten years older.

      The only daughter of a famous musician Dmitry Malikov Stefania, not so long ago celebrated its 17th anniversary, by popularity among your peers is breaking all records. Stesha Malikova made an unexpected confession

      The number of subscribers in Instagram is approaching half a million. The girl has a mass of young fans who seek to emulate the heiress to the star family. However, among those who follow the life of Stephanie Malikova in her microblog, a lot of spiteful critics who are looking for any excuse to criticize the star of the Internet. Especially Stesha gets over her love of bold and sometimes unexpected images.

      So, a new photo of the girl, showing her bright makeup in the style of a La baby doll (“doll”), subscribers instantly criticized. Bright pink lips Stephanie Malikova seemed Hayter obvious brute force, and the enigmatic gaze of a gorgeous long lashes they called a nightmare.

      “No ice”, “the Horror. A young girl, but looks 30”, “the Horror! Not 17, and 40. Parents, ay!”, “No, not your color,” “God, I’m scared”, “Nightmare”, “Beautiful! But looks about 40”, “Bust”, “Dreadful”, discuss the photo of Stephanie Malikova its subscribers.

      However, among the evil reviews you can still find words of encouragement to Stasi. “People, why are you so cruel? Well as you can write! She is still a girl and very beautiful!”, “Stesha, do not listen, makeup is amazing and you look very nice”, “Very cool” – in defiance of the haters speak for the fans Malikova.

      It is worth noting that Stephanie is no stranger to the attacks of ill-wishers. The girl got it from them, not once. She was criticized for a bad dress, because she, in their opinion, lacking vocal talent, suddenly received the “Golden gramophone”.

      Moreover, the speaker does not always follow the expressions, and their words are very harsh and offensive. However, Stefania is able to rise above it and tries not to react to critical attacks in the address, knowing that any assessment is subjective. Daughter Dmitry Malikov always respond to attacks correctly as possible, demonstrating the desire to go on his way.

      “I think my character has developed an immunity to gossip and talk envious of girls who like to sit on the sofa, nibble sunflower seeds and discuss my teeth, hair, lips, nose, not realizing that by doing so, they block their own success and their movement up,” he explained once his position Stefaniya Malikova.