Boris Moiseev will not be able to avoid parting with his beloved

Борис Моисеев не сможет избежать расставания с возлюбленной Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the singer. The specialist told what to artist the coming year, which he is to be feared in matters of health and why will have to sever relations with the woman.

      Today, March 4, the Russian singer, the king of outrageous Boris Moiseev, turns 63. The peak of popularity of the artist came in the late 90s when he performed with a colleague on the stage Nikolay Trumpeter’s hits “Blue moon” and “the Nutcracker”. Just on account of the Boris 11 albums. Had Moses and to act in films: a small role celebrity played in the film “Crazy day or the marriage of Figaro”, “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves”, “Day watch”, “Happy together”, “best film” and other films. In personal life, the stars all too well: Moses the sixth year is in a relationship with an American businesswoman Adele, his old friend. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code of the singer and made a prediction on his future.

      “Life code Boris – 268 189 says that he was born in “Day of creative intimacy”. By nature he has a pretty good health. A stroke, which he experienced six years ago, was the result of a period of energy decline, which at the time was an artist. For people far from art, these time intervals generally lead to problems in the family or business, and cultural figures, people of fine mental organization, recessions affect health”.

      According to the expert, the artist has very weak energy, but because he quickly gets tired, even if is doing anything, without any special effort.

      “But Moses never spared himself and always worked up a sweat, striving for career growth, explained Kuzenbaeva. – His biggest problem is that he is flawless, and the surrounding often use it.”

      After studying the life of Moses more code, Clara Kuzenbaeva came to the conclusion that it is often he has to pay for the mistakes of others. “He is the type venovenous people and is responsible for the mistakes of others. Unfortunately, I can’t say that this year will be for Bori is simple. You should pay attention to health, less nervous, to spend more time outdoors. In the program, the singer also has two eights, it says that it would make a successful businessman. So his new project, dance school, which he plans to open in Yalta, will be a huge success and popular among city guests and local residents.”

      Despite success in business, happy in a personal relationship this year, Moses himself will not feel. According to numerology, he fails to save the novel from the beloved. “As for his relationship with Adele, I don’t see they have a future – continues Clara. – Despite the fact that they are very suited to each other and in twenty years became close to each other people, you separate them at a distance – after all she lives in the States, and it is here, in Moscow.”