The star of “Ural dumplings” became a father for the third time

Звезда «Уральских пельменей» стал отцом в третий раз Vyacheslav Myasnikov and shared good news. The comedian has revealed the first photos of baby. The child was born in Yekaterinburg. Now the wife of the artist Nadezhda was already discharged from the hospital.

A well-known comedian and member of the popular show “Ural dumplings” Vyacheslav Myasnikov became a father for the third time. Hope the wife gave him another son. Good news the man reported in the microblog. He published a photo taken at the exit of the hospital. The picture shows the proud father holding a newborn baby that was born in one of hospitals of Ekaterinburg.

“Well, guys. Congratulate me, Nadia and Nikita! Love you all!” – written by the artist in the social network.

Fans were glad that the family Myasnikov has been such a joyful event. They wished a pair of patience in the upbringing of the heir. “Congratulations from the heart! Three sons! Three times happy. A great father you know, I could tell from your songs”, “Congratulations wholeheartedly! The health of the entire family! Peace and prosperity!”, “Congratulations to your family on this great event! We wish you peaceful nights! Happiness, health and love,” he wrote to fans of the star of “Ural dumplings”.

However, for many, this news came as a surprise, because the man was not told about the imminent addition to the family. Butchers rarely publishes photos of relatives, but mainly focuses on creativity. In the blog he talks exclusively about new songs and performances. Not so long ago he released the song “Daddy, stay with me”, and in June, Vyacheslav congratulated the wife with the 15th anniversary of their life together.

Apparently, Myasnikova wife was discharged from the hospital, and now she is together with her two older children. Twins Maxim and Constantine for six years. Vyacheslav lives with his family in Yekaterinburg and has no plans to move to Moscow.

In may of this year another member and founder of the show “Ural pelmeni” Dmitry Sokolov became a father for the fifth time. His wife Xenia Lee gave the comedian a daughter. Happy father did not hide the joy and shared with fans pictures of a newborn baby.

“Sofia, so we decided suddenly. Baptized, communion, farewell, my joy! We love you very much,” the touching signed photograph of a happy parent.