Звезда «Универа» посмеялся над фигурой беременной жены
Wife of Ararat Cesana explained why hide from fans daughter.

Ararat, Kesan with his wife Catherine

Photo: @araratkeshchyan Instagram Ararat Cesana

In July, Ararat, Kesan shared with fans the good news: he’ll soon become a father for the second time. And actor published in a blog in a rare photograph of a pregnant wife Catherine, and comments little joke: “This dumpling is flying with me today?!” The future mom the husband was not offended, just surprised, “Well, am I a doughnut? The very symmetry and grace!”

Fans congratulated the star of the series “Univer. The new Dorm” and his wife on the upcoming addition to the family. The couple has a teenage daughter Eva, whose face celebrity couple yet hiding from the public. The reason for “secrecy” in the negative, the so-called haters who are attacking accounts popular in the Network of people.

“By the way, here are constantly asking: why eve don’t show? Damn, even in this cute harmless photo so inadequate appeared that about me pregnant crap they write, we want here as long as possible to protect the child from the views of these comrades. About them-all clear, but I’m afraid Ararat accurately track their start!” — shared experiences is the wife of Ararat.